Should I get another rod?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Muskypicker, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. So I like gear just as much as anyone else, but I see guys out here in Colorado go trout fishing on one river with 3 or 4 rods in their hands. I've got a 9' 5-weight and a great switch rod from Bob Meiser, but am wondering what I'm missing...should I be in the market for another Colorado river trout fishing rod? (I also have a 9' 7-weight).
  2. Of course you should. Get a 3 weight for your Mtn streams.
  3. Theres a chance they could be fishing different setups on multiple rods but using the same technique, like 3 nymph rods rigged with different flies at different depths, then maybe a dry fly rod aswell, as opposed to switching out setups. This seems to be popular with alot of dudes, especially in the winter because it's easier then changing flies a bunch with cold hands. I find its more trouble then its worth to carry multiple rods while wading.
  4. But you can always use another rod.
  5. short answer, yes.
    longer answer, your purchase will help me justify/confirm my last rod purchase a few weeks ago. We'll both feel great!
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  6. You need to go out and get yourself a nice 3wt. Just the ticket for small creeks. About a 7'6" or a 7'9". I have both and they both get used.
  7. Oh yeah, you should get some more rods. All those small streams are calling out for a lightweight rod. Maybe a 2-3wt? Then for summer dries you'll need a 4wt. Big streamers call for a 6wt. Looks like you HAVE to get at least three more rods. No wait, I forgot about those Colorado reservoirs filled with 6-8 lb wipers and other huge warmwater fish. You'll want an 8wt for those.:rolleyes:
    I don't really like carrying multiple rods while wading, but last time having a streamer rod along paid off.
  8. Don't get me started why you need another rod. I need more rods them my old lady has shoe's, pant's and shirt's.
  9. I don't even need to read your post; your title was enough: Mother of all that is holy and good, of course you need another rod. Get a reel and line too.
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  10. And I'll also point out that asking a question like that here is like asking a bar full of drunks whether you should have another beer.
  11. Buy a 3 weight...and then fill in the gaps between 3,5 and 7.
  12. Hail the beer!!
  13. short answer and only answer: Yes!

    (silly question!)
  14. Now let me get this straight... you come to a flyfishing forum chuck full of flyfishing fanatics that buy flyfishing gear like women buy shoes and ask if you should get another rod??? :eek:

    Do you honestly believe any of these guys would say no?
  15. Hello... my name is Bill and I am a gear addict.

    <chorus> Hello Bill...

    <fighting urge to recommend additional 3 wt rod>
  16. I've got a Bob Meiser 7/8 cannon. I've had 50 fish days in Alaska on Coho and never it let me down. You need nothing else what ever your size is!
  17. I am certifiably an anti-gear whore guy but in this case would definately recommend a 7.5' 3 wt. Get a nice little click pawl reel for it too.

  18. Ha. Thanks for the replies. I knew what the answer would be...just wanted to see what recommendations were. Thanks again.
  19. Who would possibly argue against that?
  20. The hard part is stopping...
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