"Should I go Fishing?" flowchart?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by wadin' boot, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. deleted

  2. I wonder if that is why he deleted it - Mrs. Boot took a look at it and he decided it decreased his chances..........:D

  3. Ok, sorry for the cryptic beginning to this thread- version one, although reasonably accurate, was self-censured because there was a great chance of ending up in the doghouse as Wayne points out. Although Mrs. Boot never saw it, she never needs to see it either.... I have modified the fishing flowchart (version two, see below) so as not too end up in the doghouse permanently. If it looks grainy try clicking on it again to magnify, works, at least on a PC, don't know about a mac. I'm curious to see your own flowcharts.

    I have always thought the flowchart, as a visual aid, is lousy and worthy of satire. My own fishing trips are worthy of a similar treatment.
  4. Boot, I read your flow chart out loud to my wife just before we retired for the night. She thought it was just as funny as I did, or at least that's what she said when she threw my blanket and pillow out and then slammed the door. :confused:

    Seriously, she DID think it was funny. Like me, she generally doesn't take herself too seriously. And she doesn't take me too seriously, either.
  5. Did the first chart have "the week we don't speak"?
  6. Couldn't decipher it. Whenever I feel like going fishing, I just throw a dart. If it lands somewhere, I go.

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