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  1. I tweaked my shoulder pretty bad a few nights ago and it needs some R&R. This is a really bad time to have had this happen with more and more nice ocean fish finding my fly on the local beaches. I use a single hand rod 99% of the time but am considering going with a two handed rod to rest my shoulder. I have a 7 weight 11'3" switch rod that I have used very sparingly in the salt. I don't have the two hand over head casting down but do have a floating Outbound for that rod. I also have a Skagit Short with a set of MOW tips. The idea of using either in the salt is not real appealing because I'm a novice with both...but im not sure i have other options (other than switching to a spinning rod...which I get bored of very quickly). What would you guys go with? What does the learning look like? Thanks in advance.
  2. I feel your pain, both my shoulders are in trouble so I bought a switch and have been practicing this last week. It's a 11' 6wt
    and does give my shoulder relief from constantly throwing my single hand 6wt with shooting heads. I'm not that good yet, but good enough. It's better than a spinning rod...

    I'd go with what you have and see how it works, what have you got to loose. Just give it a real good rinsing and you'll be fine, I've used fresh water stuff in the salt for years and not had any problems...Good luck.
  3. Or just quit and give the rest of us a chance to catch a few!!! :p
  4. My right shoulder is messed up and I fell on it while diving on a beached coho Saturday morning (ouch). My best advice is to put a leather strap in your mouth, go fishing , and handle the pain. There are ocean coho on the beach now!
  5. Bill has created a new category of orthopedic injuries.....coho rotator cuff
  6. I caught a 8 lb. coho when I was messing around with my buddy's spey rod last weekend. If I could catch one, then you can catch one. Might as well give it a shot on the 2 hander.
  7. I fished an 8/9 wt switch with outbound line exclusively last year for beach coho. Overhead cast is a piece of cake once you get used to the deeper action of a switch rod. Skagit line works fine unless there is a ton of salad, which likes to jump on the line when setting an anchor. 8/9wt was overkill but 7wt would be spot on.
  8. Go to the physical therapist. I had very painful shoulder issues that were caused by my 7 wt. One month of work at PT, then following their exercise instructions, and I was better for good. Certainly, not everyone will see those kind of results, but I suffered for a whole year before I went, and was better in a month. I thought certainly we were talking surgery. But they laughed in my face, slapped me a few times, and got me sweating, and solved my problem.
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  9. Go with the switch and Outbound. Favor casting lefty and yeah suck it up, lots of bigger fish in now. The Skagit will be a problem, a Scandi much better. Demorol does it all but I prefer alcohol.
  10. When I started experiencing shoulder pain from spey casting nearly every day, my doc advised lay off it for a while. Since it was springer season at the time, i didn't mind. Found other things to occupy my time. Bad idea! Suspecting arthritis, doc sent me for x-rays. Have your doc refer you to an orthopedic specialist! Ortho doc checked for torn rotator cuff as well as arthritis, ruled both out. Recommended (home) physical therapy. Stretching exercises, which have helped get me back close to normal. I'm not there yet. It takes a lot of work, and time. but, it sure beats going under the knife, or relying on drugs.

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