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  1. Ooooh, good choice! I can't even imagine how that would work either. :eek:

    I use an old pair of boots for my toon, or booties.
  2. I lost my receipt as well, but the pro shop (Silverbow), printed me off a new one. Those guys are great like that!

    As far as everything else, very helpful. They wanted pics of the boot, never asked for a copy of the receipt, but that may be because I sent a pick of that as well.

    One of the great things about this forum (that sometimes we all take for granted at times) is the helpful input of others. I owe Jmills BIG TIME! If it wasn't for him replying to my original thread about this, I would have been left with a pair of $200 boots that were useless.
  3. True and this site has already been a lot of help. I talked to swedes today because that is where i had gotten mine and he said he had no problem helping me, he said what ever i can do help. Even gave me the reps name for this area.
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  4. Hey Dave I called them up and they told me to send them in didn't ask me nothing but when I got them and where. I haven't heard back from them but then only got them monday hope they give me the same offer they did you on the up grade. I will be all over that. Just wanted to let everyone know that they are going out of their way with the customer services.
  5. Well, the new KGB's arrived! They look and feel, well.. like a lightweight army boot! :)

    The (what would normally be the "leather upper" of a boot) is made of some heavy duty synthetic material, that doesn't seem like the kind that will be subject to cracking. I've actually never seen this kind of material. The tongue area, is a one piece heavy padded mesh material, that has been triple stitched to the outer boot. And the lacing system looks like those that you would find on your high end hiking boots. It's really amazing to feel how light the boot is, compared to how durable it looks. Came with two soles, Vibram rubber, and felt.

    I'll tell you what, if these fall apart, there is something wrong with Korkers. I have no doubt, that these will do just fine. I really do think that the problem I had with the Chromes, was unique. I know that some have had issues with the bottom part coming separated, but mine was the sidewalls disintegrated.

    Obviously I have to go fishing now, to test them out. My only fear is, now with all this ankle support, I'll probably twist my knee! :eek:
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  6. My new metalheads arrived last night. they look very well made and are just as light as the darkness/chromes. Although the cable returns aren't as eye appealing as the other design I suspect they will work better without the little rubber tubes slipping out. They seem very confident in this boot and I don't see the same sort of issues on line as with the chromes. I do love the whole concept and design of Korkers boots. A boot that offers me the opportunity to choose my sole based on the day is a dream come true. I am a studded felt guy first and foremost but not in someone's boat, also I love being able to hike to and from my fishing destination in rubber soles instead of wearing out my felts and studs. I didn't get the earlier generation of Korkers because it seemed obvious the sole attachment had issues, they have certainly fixed that in this generation they are now rock solid.

    My customer service experience was stellar. They didn't have Chromes available in my size but I really didn't want them as I suspect a manufacturing problem with the materials used. The guide boots were offered but they are too high so they offered the metalheads with extra soles to even out the $ value. My boots were out of warranty date but still not old enough to fail like this. Korkers wasn't looking to discuss anything about when I bought them, just send them in and let us replace them. Which they did in a very timely manner. This is exactly the same experience I had with my previous Freestone boots from Simms. Simms too had a material issue and even though I seemed to be one of the last people to have the boot fail they simply replaced, no questions. I bring this up to illustrate that any company can experience the manufacturing problem and point out the level the industry holds customer support. We are very fortunate.

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