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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Thomas Williams, May 1, 2013.

  1. Woefully inadequat is right. I spend most of my time hunting for steelhead/salmon, so my trout boxes don't look like what they should. It's good inspiration though. I need to sit down and just start tying and fill out my trout selection!
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  2. Kcahill.....are you fishing those plantation reservoirs? I went with a guide many years ago, in late Feb, and we hit one of those reservoirs with small and largemouth and peacock bass in was too cold for the LMB and peacocks, but we had a blast with the SMBs.
  3. fly 3.jpg fly 4.jpg fly 1.jpg fly 2.jpg
    Everything I own..... Sad I know! Now I have to buy more flies to catch up to the rest of you.
    Haven't started tying yet!
  4. Yet.
  5. I am fishing probably with the same guide you went with, from what he has told me though the reservoirs arent that great anymore and most of the fish in there are stunted. He mentioned fishing rivers so we will see, he said he has been getting into LMB up 10 lbs last week so I am pretty excited. I have never fished peacocks either so that should be pretty interesting.
  6. i like those cripples/emergers in the top right 2 rows. great lookin ties!
  7. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

    My main two fly boxes. Nymphs in one and still water in another. My dryfly box is nothing to show off. I have a compartment fly box that keeps the odds and ends of my flies. For the most part this is what I fish with.
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  8. heres my main few im working with.

    P1000564.JPG P1000565.JPG
    big dries/terrestrials
    smaller dries
    Meat Locker
  9. You guys are too neat.:)
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Yep I like soft hackles for the fixed line presentation

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  12. I'm still looking for the perfect box for my assortment of The Mumbles Nymph. Says they work really well for anadromous (whatever that means) fish and occasionally the finicky carp. A real go to pattern.


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  13. Here's my meat n potatoes box
    box 1.jpg
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  14. Wow! That's a lot of rubber! The last time I saw that much latex was...well...just you never mind where it was, but I can tell ya we weren't fishing...
  15. I'll play...

    I got tired of using so damn many fly boxes and carrying them all with me. I bit the bullet, bought a big MFC Boat Box and use my small Cliff's boxes to take what I need to the river with me when walking and wading for trout. Great set up... the downside is that I thought I had a lot of trout flies until I got this dang thing...

    Most of my stillwater stuff is in another box and my steelhead tubes and flies live in a few other boxes. I better get back to the vise so I can try to fill this dang thing out!

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  16. Just noticing, but do all of you use all those different flies. Since I've became older, I have pared my selection down to just a few flies. Those few that I use seem to work for me. But I'm still nuts as I carry all those different fly patterns with me. One will never know if they ain't hitting on your favorites that the strange looking fly in you box will work.
  17. I carry waaaaaay too many flies. I'm always worried I'll find some Mahi Mahi in a Montana stream and won't have the right fly.

  18. I carry all the variety in my big box (it's essentially my "collection", but I definitely have my bread and butter flies that I have more confidence in. For example I have an entire row + of caddis pupae that I know will deliver for 6 months of the year.

    With flies like the one I just mentioned, I carry large quantities of them. The variety is for specific hatches that I MAY encounter. I guess it's just the hoarder nature of flies and fly fishing.

    You make a great point about not needing such a large variety of flies though. Most of us could make due with less than 10 patterns if we only fished a certain region/type of water, etc.
  19. I have far too many fly boxes to photograph for this thread so I'll post my latest project, Summer Steelhead patterns. All tied on Alec Jackson size 5 and 7 hooks.
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  20. My dries IMG_20130508_175848_735.jpg streamers IMG_20130508_175859_662.jpg nymphs IMG_20130508_175911_345.jpg and terrestrial IMG_20130508_175854_100.jpg

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