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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by verendus, Nov 7, 2012.

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    My want for a bigger boat has been growing. After a season with a Watermaster, I had upgraded to the 2 person Assault XX, and after a few day trips, now I am ready to jump to either 13' or 14' raft.

    I know that Aire SDP is pretty popular among fishermen, but portability, storage is high on the priority list. I am looking at one of the Hypalon rafts, but, the price is prohibiting on the newer boat. I would like to hear some opinion on what might be a good middle of the road raft for steelheading, multiday floats, family day trip (whitewater).

    I am thinking of putting a rowing frame with some storage options. Is it worth going 14'? I don't have a trailer yet, but for these 130-140lbs beasts (compared to NFO's meager 35lb boats), is trailer the best option? PVC vs. Hypalon, bladder vs. bladderless, glued vs. welded? I need some help.

    I would love to see some photos of how you rig your raft.
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    If money were no option, I'd get a Maravia raft with a 3 module custom aluminum frame. But since it is an object, this is my alternative.

    The one thing I might change is build a custom, break down aluminum rower module and put it on one of the 80 lb NRS rafts and invite a buddy to split the cost on a Dean River helicopter drop off float trip.

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    That streamtech boat is really nice, but way out of my price range. What is the other boat you have up there?
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    Is that NRS Otter? I haven't found an 80lb NRS boat in 13'-14' range yet. I am thinking of the same. Build modular frame that can do multiday or a single rowing frame with an ice box as a seat for the front. That raft is still a sweet setup.
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    The 13' Livery is listed at 80 lbs but is a non-self bailing. The 13' Otter is listed at 104 lbs and is a self bailer. I can see getting two frame options for a single raft; one setup for fishing 2 anglers with full floors and lean bars and all the bells and whistles and a second rower module as stripped down as possible to be used strictly for lightweight transport while fishing without using a trailer for hauling to the river.
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    I have always wondered what would happen and how much weight and space could be saved if one took out/unlaced the floor, especially for fly-in trips. If the floor were drop stiched, I would think a lot of weight and space could be saved. With a well-designed frame, while one would loose floatation, it should function like a raft/cat hybrid similar to some of Scadden's boats.
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    FS, I think the flotation loss would be minimal as the drop-stitched floors I don't think have as much air capacity as the floors built in (in my experience). Catarafts don't have any inflatable floors and they float just fine. With a raft, you'd have even more flotation around the bow and stern than pontoons. The weight saving by removing the drop-stitched floor would be some but minimal compared to the overall weight of camping gear for a week (again, I'm imagining taking it into the Dean or something like that). I think it would row/handle fine without the floor but the bigger issue would be storing your gear as it would have to be lashed/strapped around the raft and frame without the luxury of resting on the floor. But you are right, I imagine you could row it down the river just fine without a floor.
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    The other raft is also a Maravia, the Williwaw 1.5 - after this trip on the Smith, that guy sold his boat and bought mine. :)

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    Derek Young 2011 Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide Of The Year

    Streamers - the fishing was poor, but we managed a fish or two. Snowed 3" on the morning of our last day, paddled out in a snowstorm.

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    Check our the NRS site for used rafts. They have several that fit what you appear to want.
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    David-that looks exactly like the raft I bought from you! :) Which I love by the way! Rick
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    New Image4.JPG Tappan Falls.JPG
    The first pic is my boat running Sulfur Slide on the MFS. The second is a sweet pic of my dad and I running another 13' raft through Tappan Falls this past September.

    Mine is a 13' Aire E series and I don't have a trailer. It has worked well for day fishing trips for up to three people and multi-day floats for two people. I throw the frame on my roof rack and pack everything else into the back. That said, I'm planning to buy a trailer in 2013. It's a lot to unload and set up each time.

    I'm planning on buying a 14' or 15' raft in the next couple of years, as we add kids and trips.
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  16. BDD, are you a RMR dealer now? What size is the raft pictured?
  17. Verendus, if you haven't done so, check out Rocky Mountain rafts. Lots of good for the money. I have their 14' Cat tubes and they are rugged. Heavy, tho. Welded PVC.
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    Here is my boat. speaking of Rocky mountain rafts I saw that riverboat works is having a 20% off sale on them.
  19. CIMG2542 (2).jpg 14' RMR tubes, frame is 40"x 69" X 88" by KVI. Floor is 38"x 88" bleacher planks.

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    You are correct sir. Glad you like it.