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  1. We have built frames for RMR. Good products, good prices. That is a 13 footer posted in the picture and later bought by Rick.
  2. Thanks everyone for posting your thoughts and photos. I almost bought RMR after seeing its bombproof construction and unbelievable price. I think anyone looking for a quality raft should consider this brand. But, I ended up going with a full 16' Aire 156D. This was a tough decision as I wanted a good fishing boat, but also a family raft for multiday trip. 14' would've been great for the former purpose but with kids growing up fast, 16' was a no brainer. Now I have all the space I want for a self-supported multiday steelhead trips. This will be a big jump for me as I am coming from a 10' toy boat (Assault XX). No more throwing the raft in the trunk and driving off to a river. Trailer is a must, and my set of oars weigh more than my 10' Scadden. :)

    I love the AIRE design as it has a urethan bladder that can easily be patched up on the water. The quality of material and construction is something to behold. It also has a sealed floor unlike the regular Aire models, so will be a lot more nimble and quick.

    Here's a picture of my new ride. I didn't get the frame. And will be building my own rowing frame, as I will be using the raft as transport. I am also looking forward to running some class IV+ whitewater. A lot more boat than I set out to find, but I am happy with the choice.

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  3. Dig those rod holders. Nice setup.
  4. Smith River, MT.

  5. Ok thanks....looks amazing.
    I'd love to take a toon on a river fishing/camping trip someday.

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