Show us your cast iron!

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  1. After reading the iron skillets thread, and seeing Lonnie's post, figured why not ask for those of you who have it to show it off. New or old, family heirloom or found at a garage sale. Let's see it. If you don't have pics, go ahead and tell us what you got.

    I won't torture all of you, but will show you a pic of my daily users. ;)


    This was taken at my last house. The 2 Griswold waffle makers were sold (after I finished restoring my Wagner waffle makers), but use the rest on a regular basis. '

    So whatcha got?
  2. Mine are sitting in your garage
  3. Nah. One is in da house as we speak. :)
  4. whats difference in cooking with the high griswold waffle iron verses the low stand model ?
  5. Mmm... waffles. I like waffles.
  6. The high base were designed for gas/wood heat. The low base were designed for electric heat.

    And I have my old Wagner hotel waffle iron I had planned to use at the Hoh Down this year. Next year for sure. :)
  7. Yay for waffles.
  8. [​IMG]

    Waffles anyone?

    This is my bigger waffle iron. Not fancy, and FAR from perfect. But makes a nice waffle, and can do 12 at a time (each paddle has three smaller waffles).
  9. Sweet jesus
  10. World's largest collection of CI Orleans Mining Co/motel Orleans CA on the Klamath River.
  11. Really? Hmmmmm, I'd love to see that (wonder if that was self proclaimed?). I know a collector back in Ohio who has over 20,000 pieces (yeah, 20k). He has a full shop dedicated to displaying them and then has a heated garage with the rest of them in it. (think I have a picture of one room he has in his house dedicated to just waffle irons and small skillets). But all the foundries in the US were over in the midwest area. Why the concentration of them back there and ease to find them (I used to collect them at one time, I just couldn't handle it anymore LOL).
  12. I have a Lodge deep skillet. It was my first, and it was a gift. Good God it makes the most awesome fried taters. Then I picked up a frying pan. It's the same size as the skillet, just with shorter sides and thinner walls. It's made in China. Just don't tell me horror stories about the shit they put in Chinese cast iron. :rofl: The next one I bought is a square steak cooker with the raised ridges. I almost threw it out after a few uses. Even though I seasoned it, it would get stuff stuck hard. I'm a stubborn bastard so I tried a few more times. Lo and behold it got better, and better. Now it's a much better cooking tool. It still gets some hard crusty stuff, but it comes off with a little soak.

    I'm single (again) and have been "rebuilding" my kitchen gear. I don't understand why cast iron isn't highly regarded by everyone. If your cook is small and not especially strong, cast iron could be bad, but for most adults it's great. It will outlast me. Also, I love being able to use metal spoons and spatulas.

    My fried chicken is outta this world, and nobody considers me a good cook. I think cast iron has some magic in it.
  13. Waffles and fried chicken. You guys are killing me. I've got one small dutch oven and one cast iron skillet.
  14. A lot of my cast iron is made in China. So you won't hear me complain.

    I can give tips on cleaning and curing cast iron. Wouldn't take much to type up.
  15. I might just go find a chunk of wood, copy the Waffle House sign, and give it to you, just because you sir, can make 12 waffles at a time. Awesome.
  16. LOL. My son had actually mentioned doing the same thing Loren. I'm almost afraid once I get my router table (have the router if he still wanted to just enscribe it in the wood).

    But I have some more seasoning to do to it. Wish it was perfect, has a broken piece in one of the paddles. But a perfect waffle iron like this will draw over $2k. I paid a fraction of that. :)
  17. $2k??? Jesus.
  18. Here are two of my favorites;

    On the right, a Griswold No. 8 hinged fryer (thanks bitterroot!:thumb:)that gets used at least 2/3 times a week for a myriad of dishes. It's perfect for a batch of Alex MacDonald's stew!

    On the left, a no name 16"er that weighs a ton!
    You could stir it with a garden hoe and it won't slid on the burner! This one has had several hundred pounds of taco meat prepared in it as well as the occasional pork chop and rack of lamb.
    Ummmmm...... rack of lamb:)
  19. oh yeah, you hit it on the head there.. either that , or creamed chicken or chunky chicken gravy with waffles, mashed taters and all the coverings like maple syrup and fresh black pepprer.. damn, i just lost the determination to stay on my diet..
  20. Funny you mentioned this. I just remembered that my parents used to make something like this as a kid. We always cooked in cast iron. I remember them making fried chicken. Then took some of the drippings (and crust in the dripping) and made a chicken gravy. Poured that over the fried chicken actually and mashed potatoes. Hmmmmmmm, making me think about trying to make it. Just remember the gravy not being like traditional country gravy. That grease drippings off the chicken really changed up the taste and texture, but was soooooooo good.

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