Show us your cast iron!

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    used to be a local favorite in the appalachian town my dad was from. twice a month, head to the local american legion on wednesday nights for waffles, creamed chicken and mashed potatoes, or fried chicken and mashed potatoes and chicken gravy with waffles and syrup... .. shit, i think i'll hit up the local I Hop and see if they have anything close to it before i get on the plane in the morning to head back to Graham.

    sometimes, having depression era parents and grandparents has dividends when cooking,

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    I inherited great grannys abelskiver cast iron skillet, Thats always a favorite breakfast in my clan.
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    We love our cast iron skillets at the house and in the field. My wife makes this awesome apple/honey Dutch baby thing that is awesome in the 10 inch skillet.