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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Big E, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. So it's been a couple years since I last posted this topic and I can't seem to find the old one....must be time to do it again then.

    Show us your pics of your flytying desk / area. Last time, I got a couple good ideas from them.
  2. When I told the Old Lady I wanted to take a picture of my flytying bench to post on the forum...which sits surrounded by her gear in the 'quilting room'...she said 'not until she straightens the room up a bit'.

    Wimmin. I still get hell about leaving the seat up.
  3. No. :)

    Actually, it isn't a flytying location as much as an entire office. It looks messy right now because I'm tying flies and crap is all over everywhere. The office is used for writing, cartooning, tying flies and mess'n with the 'puter. Tis my "man cave".



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  4. This is my roll around portable bench that usually occupies space between the La-Z-Boy and the TV. I bring out the materials to tie one or two patterns at a time and tie all I need of those patterns before starting on the next one. It makes for a well organized and uncluttered work area. This has proven to be much more comfortable than sitting in my main tying area and facing a wall and as a result I am tying a lot more often.

    Ive IMG_0483.JPG IMG_0483.JPG IMG_0513.JPG IMG_0516.JPG IMG_0522.JPG
  5. Nice setup, GAT. I have a den in which I once had a large bench...but found I had always had crap all over it. More importantly, I found that I missed my wife's company, so I consolidated with a moveable small bench down in her quilting room....where we spend many an evening watching shitty netflix horror flicks (she loves 'em...the gorier the better), her working on a quilt, and me swilling beer (and slowly tying flies of increasingly dubious quality).

    I'll try to post a picture later, but I think you'll find it a pretty mundane setup.
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  6. I have a mess right now and some storage issues. My wife said today I am hanging out of my alloted tying space.

    I do like the roll top desk and the drawers are stuffed with materials. I need to buy rolling drawers to cart some less used items into the garage so I can get rid of many bins stacked on the floor. 20130101_211944.jpg
  7. GAT
    Awesome space you have... for about anything youn want to do!
  8. ooo....a JVice...don't see them everyday. Somehow I had a preconceived notion that your flytying space would be bigger and a lot messier JackD. Now tell the truth...this pic and desk are obviously staged and the other thread of the waste material is what you cleaned off to take this pic....right? :D
  9. That photo was taken December 18 and somewhat "posed" to be used in a catalog/gallery.
    Normally, it gets pretty messy. When I start finding marabou in my coffee cup, its time to clean up.
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  10. Here's an earlier photo. IMG_0825.JPG
  11. You've got a beautiful work space Jack. The vise is a work of art.
  12. I agree...nice space. Where do you keep all your material though?
  13. My bench is nothing special--just a home made plywood counter held up by angled supports (you can't see that from the photo anyway). But I've also included a photo of my light tent for photographing flies. Two cheap umbrella strobes from Alien Bees plus a box with a wire frame over it, on which I drape some gossamer wedding gown material, to diffuse the light, so there are no hard shadows in the closeups.

    Auto focus doesn't work with closeup rings behind the lens. So use a tripod and manual exposure and manual focus. I shoot a half a dozen test shots and then choose the best exposure for the rest of the current run. My camera has a "live lcd screen" and that's what I use for focus. If you use a hand held magnifying lens directly above the live lcd screen you can almost see the pixels in the image. That makes super sharp manual focus a breeze.

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  14. All over the place:)
  15. You all have nice spaces. I've often thought about having a rolling tying bench like Ive's that I could use while watching TV or just to be in the living room with the Missus, while she is reading in the evening.

    Like Gene, mine is a combo fly-tying, home-office space. A single rolling office chair can swivel 180 degrees to work on my computer and back to tie flies - it makes working at home a losing proposition, I'm afraid.

    The main desk is an abandoned, post-yard-sale freebee, with an inexpensive shelving unit to the side to store more materials and pattern books within reach. I also now have a rolling unit with sliding drawers on the other side of the tying desk, which I didn't have when these pics were taken a few years back (I also have a lot more photos of my grandson, who is now 7, and ties with me occasionally).

    You all must have better eyesight than I do. Many years ago, I purchased an inexpensive 2X magnifier light with an extension arm for tying small flies, but I use it for all tying now. The window opens into our back yard and provides natural light when I'm tying during the day (which is rarely, however).

    For photographing flies, I keep a piece of neutral shade mat-board beside my desk to slip behind the vise, and use the magnifier light and a high intensity light to provide lighting from two angles. I'm not after professional quality fly pics, just ones good enough to share with friends and our forum from time to time.


    fly tying desk.jpg

    materials shelf.jpg

    fly pattern books.jpg

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  16. I always wanted a roll top desk. Thought it would make a great fly tying station.
  17. Here's a roll top made for fly tying.
    My wife kicked me out of our spare upstairs room for her music and the downstairs room is now my fly tying, reloading, and gun room.
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  18. Yes, it's nice. This one is an old cast-off from Lake Union Dry Dock Co., so it's well used and worn.

    Jackd - The free-standing tool holders you've got, did you make them? I've been thinking of something similar, as my tying station holes are full.

    Your photo has me on the right track now. Thank you.
  19. RE> magnifier light

    I'll have to try that. I have CRS and CSS (can't remember and can't see). I use 3x and 5x jeweler's goggles. But they're a pain.

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