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  1. A few friends who are maritime history buffs would really appreciate that desk.
  2. It looks like everyone has some of the little sliding plastic drawers. I like those, but also remember that Ikea used to sell some that were made of wood. Anyone know if they're still selling them?
  3. Yes, the history explains the condition and makes it a little more interesting.

    My wife's family has a connection to the drydock so there are a few cool maritime items floating around.
  4. Here's my cramped's not bad but I need another dozen plastic bins to put stuff in. I thought I would have enough storage when I moved the dresser in but I have a thing about filling drawers that need to be filled and alas it is full.

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  5. Mine cost $19.95 at Home Depot and uses a regular 60W bulb, or equivalent compact fluorescent. There are significantly more expensive such lights available, but I haven't felt handicapped by this one. It didn't take me long to get over the annoyance of having something between me and the vice; the light and lens suspend by the arm from above, so it doesn't get in the way of my hands. Some styles have a ring light around the lens to make the illumination more uniform, but they make the barrier between you and the vice even bigger.

    I bought a small lighted lens that clamps onto the vice post and has a small LED bulb in it, but the flexible arm isn't long enough to position it where I would like it to be and the light isn't bright enough to illuminate much.

  6. I made the same mistake. I've scratched the devil out of my magnifier and the store where I originally bought the unit no longer sells them. So... I tried the craft store and bought the product mentioned above and it was a waste of money.

    So I'm still looking.

    Well what do you know, I found the same magnifier I was using before. It's made by Daylight and I clamp it on my vise. The lens isn't lit but just the right size so it doesn't get in the way.

    For 30 bucks (plus the shipping) I guess I'll have to order another one.

  7. I like these threads because I can get some new ideas! I am very fortunate to have the spouse that I do because she enables my fishing. She bought me the table, giraffe system, and frame for the giraffe, for my birthday many moons ago. It is in our family room so I can talk to her while we both watch the tube and I work on my tying.


    Another view. The bookshelf has my fishing library. The rod tube has my first fly rod; it is retired now.


    All of my stuff is in the next room over. I just grab what I need for each pattern and take it in the family room. I had this set up for reloading but sold all of that a few years ago and expanded my rod building and fly tying stuff. It is also right next to the garage so it is easy to load and unload my stuff during season. The white tube above the mutt is a z-axis 7100 blank that I will start working on this week. It is also snowshoeing season around here hence the ski poles.

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  8. I'll take a picture of my limited setup when I get everything put back together. At the moment everything is taken down and put away while I am building my first rod. My desk is special though. It was built by my great grandfather, three 8x8" drawers on the left, a center drawer for small items, a 8x8" drawer on the right top and a 8x16" file drawer under that. It may not look like much, but to me it is very special. The only downside is that I have a clamp vise and the only place to secure it is in front of the center drawer so I lay down a piece of cardboard on the top and bottom and clamp onto that. As for my materials, I use the partitioned plastic boxes for hooks, beads, dubbing, and thread/wire. Feathers go in one drawer on the left and fur goes in another.
  9. Some nice st-ups there, guys! I've shown mine before -- it's a converted Ikea computer table with wheels that allows me to move around our tiny apartment where space permits. Very simple, but it works.


    Happy 2013,
  10. Here's my little world, I used to have a large roll top desk... it was perfect when my kids were young and inquisitive.
    The cork peg boards on the wall came with the desk, DSCN1996.JPG it came from Fred Meyers a few years ago....worked perfect.
  11. Wow, that the perfect fly tying desk. I wonder if it was intended for scrap booking? All those drawers are unusual.
  12. Patrick, they were labeled as cabinets for crafts, then you bought the top separate and it just sits there. I haven't seen them again since I bought them six years ago, I'm sure glad I got them when I did. The draws are only 2" tall so
    you can't get a lot in them but they work pretty well for most things.
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  13. Mark, that is a perfect desk for tying. The drawers are great. Don't often see drawers like that.
  14. man that is a sweet set up.
  15. I soo love that desk mark, I must find one! I will check out Freddies soon. :)
  16. Mine hasn't changed since the last time, except it got a bit messier. Here's my tying area after a desk tidying.

    Mark, I like your taste in cabinets. I got mine from Fred Meyer, I think, about 8 years ago.

    My wife's tying area is much neater than mine. She has the same cabinets. What can't be seen is the 12 foot long wall made up of plastic rolling drawer units and the under the bed totes we use to keep the full bird skins and animal pelts.
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  17. Some of you guys are far too organized ... how can you tie flies under those conditions? :)
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  18. Mark and Ron,
    Would either of you happen to remember the brand of your drawer/desk units?
    My area currently looks like the aftermath of Katrina and Sandy combined. Those units
    look perfect for material storage. Sauder is one fairly common company but haven't
    found anything like it on their site yet. Thanks for any help.
  19. Lol, I believe this is becoming the Holy grail of tying desks :) I searched yesterday and Freddies is apparently out and their website is useless. Are there any brand markings on the desk? I will continue the search along with many of you :)

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