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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Salmonchaser25, May 6, 2009.

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    Don't want to be a wet blanket, salmonchaser, but I agree with Scott.
    I've was tempted- but never did it- when I had a canoe. (And I'm a maniac who'll try practically anything.)
    You'll end up on the evening news...a bad way to end the day.
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    John, I've been shrimping out of a canoe on Hood Canal for years. Unfortunately I won't be able to this year b/c of a PT rehab assignment. You'll want another person in the canoe, one trap each; any more than two traps gets unwieldy, although you could try for three with some practice. Two spools of at least 400 feet of line per, plus buoys. Everyone has their own bait recipe; some of the old salts swear by Puss n Boots catfood.

    Obviously the canoe adds an element of challenge/danger, but is much more fun than putting around wasting fossil fuels in a big boat with an electric winch hauling up your pot. If you dump, it's never too far to swim since in most spots you won't need to be far from shore. Plus, once you drop your pots it's a quick paddle to go snack on some oysters. Make sure you weight your traps with enough rocks; don't want the traps "walking" on the bottom. BTW, hauling up a trap is easier than you think. The trap acts like an anchor and pulling it up, though good exercise, actually steadies you in the canoe while standing, like leaning against a wall. No problem in the canoe if it's sea-worthy.

    I'll have a chapter about canoe-shrimping in my forthcoming book. Here's my blogpost on last year's trip, with a video:

    Good luck!

    Finny (Lang)
  3. Possible solution to the need for a pot puller:

    I used to pull my skiff's anchor up from deep water using the buoy and ring technique. You feed a big ring tied to a buoy onto the anchor line on the boat and then run, almost on plane, upcurrent. The buoy stays pretty much on the surface above the anchor while the anchor line is pulled up by the boat. You know the anchor is up when the buoy starts getting pulled hard. If you do it right the anchor is waiting for you to pick up right at the buoy. The trick is having enough anchor chain to outweigh the anchor. If not enough weight the anchor will start going back down. Seems like it would work with a shrimp pot but I haven't tried. Maybe?

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    I watched the video and you are truly apeshit nuts, finspot.
    hats off to you.
    regards, Bob
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    wow, now there is a tragedy waiting to happen. a guy, no PFD, in a canoe, floating around on 40degree water, pulling a shrimp pot, by hand, while standing up. not to worry, some one burning fossil fuel will pick up your sorry ass while you are in the water gasping from cold water immersion while trying to stay afloat . hopefully, that person will get to you in time. this is one of THE dumbest things i have ever seen anyone do.
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    SpeySpaz - I don't want to get anyone killed, but it is fun pulling pots in a canoe, if only to see the looks on the other boaters' faces!
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    GT - you may be right (and if you read the blog post I admit as much right up front) but I think the drive to the fishery, to any fishery, is a hell of a lot more dangerous.

    Look, I don't want to start a typical WFF brouhaha--probably should have counted to 10 before posting--but John asked a question and I answered. I guess it seems normal to me b/c I've been doing it for years (always in a pdf except for that one pull). Folks, don't try this at home! GT's right. Not safe.
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    the bait is the most important factor IMO. we were around guys today pulling 10-20 and we were getting 80-100. Lots of oily fish + shrimp pellets + cuisinart = $$$
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    different shrimp
    different depth

    similar to crab

    fancy feast "fish and shrimp" feast cat food
    a large, mackrel head, or a seagull work great for bait

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    decoy that looks oh so tasty
  11. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. And thanks finspot for standing up for the canoe, looks like your going to get into a nice forum battle always great on WFF I will be on your side for this one. My last quesiton is where could I get a good shrimp pot at? I went to joes today and they were sold out of almost all the crab pots. only the expensive ones left.


    ps the video was great!
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    John- Get a danielson crab pot... They are like $25-30.
    For shrimp pots you are going to need to spean about $90-100 for a good one although i have seen some pots for about $50 at Sportsman's
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    Prawn fishing used to be off the hook..........back in the 80s and 90s.......before the idiots revealed everything to the whole world through publications or the internet....

    You guys need to do some real world ground work to discover this shit and save the info for yourselves rather than publish it online forever.

    Do you realize how fucking lame this season was? I never ever would have talked prawn fishing on the internet because I know what running my mouth leads to.........

    God damn.....some of you guys simply do NOT get it at all.........

    Oh well, some day we can have no prawn season and you guys can bitch about how you remember when you could fish for 5 whole days for them!!!!!!

    My buddies and I used to go all summer for limits!

    I'll stop now.......
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    and whats your point now? there is a 1 or 2 day season... maybe in the past your gripe would be relevant but now it is no longer an issue...
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    We shrimped yesterday and there were very few boats out. Pulled 150 or so in each pot after an hour soak and got limits for 11 of us fishing 7 pots by noon. We had to toss dozens back. I won't be an internet idiot and share any more information though. I don't want to see anyone else find success, as that would diminish the grandness of our accomplishment.
  16. Saltman

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    7 Pots!!! I hope you were in more than one boat......
  17. gt

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    all yah have to do is go up to BC where the daily limit/person is 400#. each person is also allowed to fish 4 traps each.
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    actually canned cat food works really well, you want to get the most oily, greasiest, pretty much the cheapest cat food you can find. put the pots in 100-200 feet and use a can opener to put holes in the cat food.

    mumbles- i really do like to use fish spines, head, guts, fatty slices for my crab bait. salmon bellies have got me and my cousin in to some monster dog fish to. but i totally agree with your depths, snorkeling for crab can be torture but it is also alot of fun
  19. Milt Roe

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    Yes, two boats. I guess I should have mentioned that.
  20. Daryle Holmstrom

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    By the time you buy your license , pots, bait, etc. its usually cheaper to buy your shrimp cocktail. Same thing with dungies, unless you go out a lot.