Shrunken Squid

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by jonbackman, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. I think I found a great use for these transparent heat shrink tubes that I bought awhile ago. Micro tube with a conehead, pink krystal flash, everglow flash. Slide everglow braided body tubing over it, add stick on eyes. Then slide the heat shrink over everything and apply some heat. Pretty simple.

  2. nice squid
  3. That looks pretty darn good Jon. I've been playing around with some squid patterns and you have given me another idea for the mantle . Been trying mylar tubing, chenille, latex etc. I'll put up one of them tomorrow.
  4. Squid are fun as hell to tie and fish. I need to get back to the vice with squid on the brain.
  5. Thinking more about your idea of the heat shrink tubing. I know it comes in different diameters and even colors so lots of possiblities. I'm thinking of clear tubing over different color bodies even silver/gold to show through. I will be experimenting. thanks for the inspiration.
  6. Jackd: exactly what I was thinking when I bought the heat shrinks. Many possibilities. I really like looking for creative new materials and techniques to create effective patterns.
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  7. What size tubing are you using?
  8. Great fly! Never thought of using heat shrink tubing for flies, and have a bunch of it lying around. Thanks.
  9. Chris: before heating, the tube is about 3/8" dia, it shrinks down to about 1/8". There were a lot of different sizes available, and I'm sure many would be useful in different applications. I got it at Hardware Sales in Bham.
  10. Cool, thanks Bro
  11. Nice job Jon, way to think outside the box!

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