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  1. Recently some poachers broke into the Chief Joseph fish hatchery and stole forty two wild chinook being used for broodstock. The cameras were down at the hatchery, and all the cameras at the dam caught was a small, white pickup. The interesting thing is, all the fish had been treated with a chemical. Anyone who eats these fish are going to be very, very ill. So somewhere out there right now, there may be some thieves regretting their actions. 532083_416454875130531_408182519_n.jpg
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  2. Nice! And as soon as they to the hospital I hope they are waiting for them.
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  3. I would be more than willing to bet those fished were not poached to eat, I am betting the jailbreak was staged by some activists that then had their own little Free Willy ceremony down at the river.
  4. That's my guess as well.
  5. Just need to photo shop that a bit!

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  6. Hopefully they don't sell the fish to someone else?
  7. Is it wrong to hope that formalin causes one to lose their penis and the perps eat all the fish themselves? Cuz if so I don't want to be right.
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  8. Not too many activists in those parts.
  9. If someone ate them, there may be . . .
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  10. Some people just deserve a severe case of bloody diarrhea......
  11. It's all good...I'm sure they had a defensible reason for their actions.
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  13. I think we should meet them at the hospital with flowers and make them all triploids before the authorities arrive!
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