Sick to my stomach to see my favorite restaurant serving wild steelhead

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by TC, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. While dining at my favorite italian restaurant with some out of town friends, I was extremely saddened to look up at the board and see posted, Special, Wild Steelhead. I didn't want to make a scene with my friends there so afterwards, when I got home, I emailed the restaurant a nice letter and asking them to stop this and visit a couple of sites to educate themselves on this depleting resource. To date I have not received a response. I will go in there to talk with them personally this week, and if not met with a satisfactory response, I will tell all of you the name of the restaurant and hope we can pressure them into stopping this immediately. Deal?
  2. I hope they listen to your requests, but the suppliers have been doing a good job of preparing them for backlash. I'll do my part in exposing them if they seem to not listen to you.
  3. Hopefully they respond appropriately to TC, but if not, we are all here to make the issue heard.

  4. One of two things. Either they are really serving wild Steelhead, (if they are, I hope you can prevent them from continuing) or they are just hyping the product as wild to sell and make more money off of their uneducated clientele.
  5. I always wonder how many "wild" claims you read are actually meaning "not hatchery". After all, a fish that lives in a river is "wild" to a lot of people. Even people like chefs who should know better.
  6. with the current state of non-selective fisheries, does it really matter if the actual fish you are served has a clipped fin? how many wild fish were killed for that one clipped fish?

    a restaurant serving any steelhead should feel the wrath.
  7. Deal.
  8. im ready to blast em...guns loaded...
  9. Hatchery vs wild doesn't matter. The fisheries are non selective, and they harvest every fish that runs in to those nets. Furthermore, we've all heard of all the studies showing the harm hatchery fish do on wild populations. Those hatchery fish that they pump in to the rivers that are replacing the native fish are how the tribes can market wild caught steelhead as "sustainable."
  10. Let us know the outcome.

    I did the same a year ago and spoke to a restaurant owner re serving wild steelhead. His response was they were caught by natives ( tribal members) and he thought he was justified serving wild fish if netted by natives. I told him no longer have my business. Good luck
  11. in the marketing of anything, most certainly food, bullshit is the order of the day. if a critter has lived several years in the wide ocean fending for itself well enough to reach adulthood, it doesn't matter where it was born or how many fins it has - it's wild. in fact, i'm sure that for food marketing purposes "not raised in a pen" probably qualifies as wild. the odds are that it's a mix of both native and hatchery fish.

    any which way, merchants are going to do whatever is legal, at minimum.
  12. That's a great call, particularly when the supplier is tribal.
  13. Yes yes, I know. I wasn't posting to debate hatcheries, just more to wonder what sort of understanding these places had when making a statement like that. I have a lot less sympathy for a place that doesn't understand the real issues with hatcheries than I do with a place that purposefully serves actual "wild" fish. I'm not saying that the restaurant shouldn't be pressured to stop serving even hatchery fish, I was just more musing about what they meant. Confusion doesn't help us explain the issue properly to the public or to businesses.
  14. I agree, marketing is 99% BS. My curiosity in this particular situation is more if the BS is intentional, based on lies, or just out of ignorance.

    However, if we are being technical, I'm sure you Evan and Chris are correct about the fish being served probably being a mix of whatever gets caught in the nets.
  15. As long as i fish where native fish return i have no right to point a finger at other people using the resource . when "wild" steelhead are mentioned this means to me they are just hatchery stock that have spawned ! and by all the native fishermans rants all hatchery origin fish must be destroyed for the native fish to survive . so which is it - save natives or not kill the wild hatchery origin fish ?

    Do all of you think that if it has a fin that its a true native never spawning with a hatchery fish in its genes ? heck many of the summer run fish in my region were never native and they have quit stocking the skamania run for years , but they know that the "wild" run of summer steelhead are not native and want them out of the system to protect native winter fish . so we can keep finned fish in the salmon river system on the sandy to get rid of them all together .

    so which is it - save wild hatchery stock and feel good because it has no fin and keep depleting the native runs- or kill them all ?
  16. the problem is that the commercial fleet targeting steelhead (tribal) does not fish selectively so by killing the hatchery fish they are also killing wild fish.

    native genes still exist in most of our streams. not all wild fish are just progeny from hatchery fish spawning in the wild... the fact is that hatchery fish have poor success in spawning in the wild.

    the thought that "wild fish are just hatchery progeny" is total BS and mostly put forward by those who do not want to see any changes to the hatchery industrial complex.
  17. The harvester lies a little, the distributor lies a little, the merchant is intentionally ignorant with the help of the distributor, and we consumers are the most blissfully and willfully ignorant of all. We bask in the delusion that if we can afford it (or borrow to afford it) and buy it at market, and the govt or one of it's agencies has approved, we can operate with a clear conscience. But when we are extra interested/knowledgeable on a sliver topic, we pick and choose which issues to go deeper on, to distrust the system on, and this is one of them. Is there anyone here complaining about restaurants serving wild steelhead who doesn't use other resources which have negative impacts to others/future generations/environment/human rights/etc. simply because it's legal and they have the wherewithal to do it?
  18. I respect your comment ! the thread should of read native fish being served then , because if you think every fish without a fin is a native - that my friend is the total bullshit i will not buy .

    since the thread was titled "wild" fish i asked a question and you did not answer it . i know the facts and they state that knowing the difference between wild and native fish takes gene testing with almost all the hatchery gene stock on the west coast to compare with the genes of said native fish to prove it - is a truly native fish . so which is it - let the "wild" fish live and keep reducing our native strain or seperate them and make sure they know they are doing whats best for the "native fish" thinking saving "wild fish" is the best thing for the natives is false in my opinion . calling all non clipped fish native we all know is false . it appears to me that seperation of all hatchery origin also meaning hatchery fish that spawned in the wild and so called natives that have any hatchery gene in it - keeping them from native stocks would be the best thing for native stocks - the question is how do you do that ? without millions of dollars in gene testing every fish that has a fin . in my mind saving wild fish with hatchery genes just makes the battle for natives being never solved ! but your right i like hatchery fish and i like native fish - i can swing both ways catch and release with flies or drift fish bait and kill them all . the difference is i have an open mind . if you all want to save wild fish no matter where it came from then what the hell is all the native bullshit that's going on about ?

    Either save the true natives and kill all wild and hatchery fish or be content with hatchery strain fish in the rivers without planting - but it sounds to me everyone wants it they're way to save the wild fish no matter where it came from so you save the natives in the process . now the hatchery origin wild fish spawn with the native fish just like a stocked fish .

    So why are wild fish ok in the system ? its in the wording "WILD" fish are not "NATIVE" fish , and native fish are not wild fish .

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