SIGN UP HERE!!! Snoq Event Headcount thread

Discussion in 'Events' started by chadk, Sep 13, 2004.


Will you be able to make this event??

Poll closed Sep 18, 2004.
  1. I definately plan to make it!!

    11 vote(s)
  2. I'm about 50/50.

    3 vote(s)
  3. Very slight chance I can make it.

    1 vote(s)
  1. The event is on the 18th. Agenda and directions to follow.

    Here's where you let us know if you can make it so we can plan food\beverages, tables, seating, etc accordingly.

    There are only 3 options in the 'poll'. You only need to 'vote' if there is a chance you will attending. If you have no intention of coming - don't vote... :hmmm:

    The first option if for those who will be there unless they are struck by lightning or molested by big foot on the way to my place (or other sudden and unexpted issue that pops up that takes higher priority...).

    Option 2 if for those who know they have a conflict, have a decent chance or working around it.

    Option 3 is for those who know they have a conflict, but are still working on a way to bribe their boss\wife to let them go for a few hours...

    **********EDIT*********** I forget to account for 'guests'. Please reply to this thread if you will be bringing anyone else along. Thanks!

    Also, I'll be PM'ing directions to those who have responded to this thread. If you don't get directions by Friday, PM or email me directly.
  2. add one more for my wife.
  3. Done.

    I have a few friends I'm trying to bring as well. 2 co-workers and one of their kids. May have my "little brother" there too.
  4. Q for Chris

    Thanks Chris!

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