Silver Lake

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  1. Taking my group to Silver Lake in late March, any locations or tips? thanks in advance. the hell with the rest of you!
  2. Jim: Sorry for the hijack of the thread but I have a question for you: When you take your crew out, you go on the lake? boat? or????? I wanted to do something similiar to what you are doing but for my culinary students but just not sure yet.
  3. Jim,

    Early spring when water temps are still down I generally concentrate on shallows with prefferably some weed growth or other cover. If possible I like to fish near any inlet streams or protected coves.
    It seems as if the afternoon is generally more productive if it is a sunny day and the surface waters have had a chance to warm a bit.

    Fishing the shallows, less than 10 feet, I quite often rig up a floating line with a 9 foot leader and fish small pheasant tails, princes or scuds on the sink with a very slow retrieve up through the water column. I have never felt a need to fish with an indicator doing this and a long cast is not needed. You could add some weight but I don't do that either as I preffer the slow sinking of the fly to the bottom.

  4. Look for the areas that get the earliest and longest exposure to the sun.

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