SIMMS 3.5mm Neoprene Waders, size M

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Wildram007, Apr 17, 2003.

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    Used but a handful (less than 6) of times. If you spend time waist-down in cold water, these are your friend. I fish out of a Super Fat Cat and have found my Gore Tex to amply suffice in all weather conditions I subject myself to since I'm only hanging my lower legs off the Cat. I'm not going to get around to using these neoprenes. They need to be put to use!
    $50 FIRM.
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    what do i know, im just a kid

    have they sold yet?

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    Sean -
    I have a guy named Brewer who is trying to get his brother (local) to come by and get them. He's getting them for his kid and I told him I'd hold them for him. If this falls through, I'll let ya know here!
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