Simms G3 Vs. Patagonia Gallegos?

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  1. Looking for a new pari of waders. What's the good word and bad???
  2. Patagonia's!!

    the inside seams are welded to be bomb proof in case anyone tries to disrupt your fishing with a bomb... and i can't express enough how long i can fish without having my feet get cold because of the integrated wool grid in the booty
    Patagonia will repair or replace any product for a reasonable price. thats there iron clad warranty.

    Simms will use a 4 dollar bottle of aqua seal, ship them back to you, and charge you 40 dollars.
  3. I ordered both for this year. Plan on documenting the wear and tear on both equally. stand by for a full report next fall.
  4. In addition to the Rio Gallegos, I've also been wanting to look at the Reddington Sonic Pro Zippered waders, once someone gets them in stock.

    The idea of a zippered wader, with welded seams, at half the price of the Simms G4Z is very appealing.
  5. I've been using the G3's for a few months now. No issues, no complaints. They fit well and are comfortable. I think the Reddington CPX is worth a look.
  6. Got to give the G3's a big thumbs-up. Took a fall and hit a rock so hard it ripped my knee apart. Taking a look at my waders after I washed them off, you can't tell which knee it was.
  7. I've been using G3s for years now. The customer service to me has been very good. When the waders were two years old, I developed a slight leak in a boot seam, and both boots were replaced promptly on warranty, and worked flawlessly. I used to work at a store that sold Simms products, so shipped customers products for repair, and never had a problem. I'm sure you can find folks who did, but for the most part Simms products are fine. I understand the same about Patagonia, so recommend that you make your choice based on fit and features, and your chance of getting good service is above average with these two companies.
  8. I saw the Patagonia's and they look interesting. I wish they sealed both seams instead of just the inside. Wonder which seam will fail first?

    I am interested in seeing if these Patagonia's last. I also believe Patagonia will begin charging to fix waders. The last 3 pairs of Patagonia waders I owned all failed within a year. I have a pair of G3's that are 5 years old and I still wear them regularly in my wader rotation.
    Not saying all Simms are bombproof as I have destroyed quite a few pairs of waders in general.

    I love Patagonia gear and own a lot of it, but I am always cautious with their waders now. I would love for these waders to prove me wrong!
  9. Very interested in the Rio Gallegos as I need new waders soon, would like to hear some real life field tests though before I take the big $$ plunge. Caddis fly shop as a good video by the Patagonia rep explaining them and all of the other waders in their line.
  10. waters west in Port angeles has the redington waders
  11. I love my Simms waders. I have had them for a few years now with no issues.
  12. G3! Patagonia dosn't make a pair of waders that don't leak after a little use or that fit, unless you were using a hefty bag, then they are an upgrade. Sure they have a killer warranty, but the warranty doesn't help you when your soaked waist deep in spring run off water freezing your ass off.
  13. We got the new Sonic seam waders in this week. We got one pair of the zip model the rest of the sizes are coming in in a week or so.
    I took a good look at the zip model as i am over 50 and the zip certainly is getting to be more than a luxury option. lol
    I am excited to try them out the sonic welding process could change wader technology, I know Redington has done a lot of field testing and they seem happy with the final product.
    The sonic seam also comes in a non zip and a waist high. I think the waist high from Redington is the best waist high out there for fit and finish.
    Only time will tell how they hold up. They have great customer service so I know they will stand behind their product.
  14. the first leak i got in mine was from falling into a bush of devils club or some other nasty plant...

    i also wished they wouldve welded all the seams on the waders. i think patagonia will have to start charging too

    ringlee, arent you just hard on gear? its ok, theres a club for it! miss ya man!
  15. Patagonia and Simms are both great. I'd recommend getting whichever one fits the best and has the pockets & accessories most important to you.
  16. I bought the G3s and am pretty rough on waders during the winter season and have had no complaints or issues.
  17. All waders leak eventually. If you are rough on them, "eventually" becomes "soon". I've had both Simms and Patagonia, and both performed well. I do like that I can just go into the Patagonia store in Seattle to get instant warranty service. That's a plus. Simms is a little harder to deal with, though still OK.
  18. iagree

    The convenience of Patagonia customer service has been the deciding factor for me. The one experience I had with Simms customer service was ok. It took two phone calls, two emails, and two months to get it right but I did get a "on the house" warranty repair of my waders. . . .which have been sitting in a box for 5 years because I bought Patagonia waders while my Simms were in the shop and have had zero down time on repairs/replacements since then.
  19. I have used about a tube and a half of Aqua Seal in my G3s. They fit nice, but the old Hodgemans leaked about the same.
  20. For those who have the Patagonia - Rio Gallegos what has been experience this past year with them.

    Have to upgrade now and was really interested in these when they came out last year and got one more year out of my current waders.

    Guess it will be either Simms or Patagonia Gallegos.

    Thanks for any feedback.


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