Simms G3 Vs. Patagonia Gallegos?

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  1. The Patagonia seams are not welded, the inner leg seams are conventionally stitched then taped both inside and out. One of the most interesting features is the wool fibers applied in a channel pattern to the inside of the neoprene bootie. Patagonia claims an insulation factor comparable to 5-mil. neoprene with this system and it certainly seemed to be borne out by my experience with them this winter.

    Sounds like some of you are less than enchanted with Patagonia waders. Personally I've never had any complaints about their durability
  2. I have had my G4s for almost a year now, and have done some serious bushwhacking, miles and miles of hiking, climbing over logs, falling down hills, etc... They're still rock solid, and 100% leak free.
  3. iagree I have these in the "convertible" style and they ROCK! does Simms service
  4. Tried two sizes of Patagonia Gallegos, Regular Medium and Stout/Medium and couldn't find a pair that fit properly. My Simms G3's always fit and are as durable as any wader I've tried over the years. I would try the Pat/G's on before you buy.
  5. I have both the g3's and the giagosfrom patagonia. I I love the patagonias for their comfort and warmth. I think the simms are better for extra cargo capacity. The patagucci's are my go to wader now. I love them and the fact that they are not a potato sack any more makes them my choice.

    100 days on g3s good waders
    50 days on patti's great waders
  6. iagree
    Having field tested (in Alaska, BC, Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washington) waders from Simms (G4Z), Patagonia (Guidewater Pro) and Redington (Sonic Pro Zip), I'd offer the following advice:

    • All three makes/models are well made and will serve you well
    • The Simms G4s seem slightly more durable/rugged than the other two
    • The Patagonia models tend to have a more athletic/slim cut. Great fit if you are a slender runner type. Redington and Simms are roomier but not baggy.
    • The Redingtons are virtually the equal of the Simms and/or Patagonia in durablity at a fraction of the cost (Redington Sonic Pro Zip =$380, Simms G4Z =$700)
    • The best waders for you will be the ones that FIT the best. Try them all on. Walk around in them in the store -- go up and down some stairs if possible to see how the flex/move in different stride positions. kneel in them. Crawl in them. etc. Find the ones that fit best and if two or more are equal in that, go for the less expensive pair -- as some else noted, all waders will leak with extended use, so better to get them as affordable as possible. Note, too, that Redington is a local company so warranty service is fast. (Patagonia also as a local store, but requires corporate HQ feedback on warranty issues).
  7. on my 2nd pair of g4s my first pair are still going strong, my old g3s were good but the seems blew out few times, simms was amazing with their customer service. i like the fit of the g4 better than g3. all the patagonia gear i've had has not held up but their warranty is awesome. patagonia is an outdoor company that makes fly fishing gear. simms is a wader company that only makes fishing gear. go simms.

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