Simms Rivershed Waders or Cloudveil Hellroaring Waders?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by gripguru, May 9, 2008.

  1. gripguru New Member

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    Time to retire the old breathable waders and have been looking at Simms new Rivershed (in blue??) and the Cloudveil Hellroaring waders. They seem to be very comparable in price/features/etc but haven't seen any reviews on either product. Does anyone have some experience they could pass along? Much appreciated!!
  2. Steelheader Only 3 more years until I can think like a fish.

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    I love my SIMMS waders. I will buy them again. Have never used Cloudveil, but for how much they want for them they must be good.
  3. Dan Nelson Hiker, Fisher, Writer, Bum

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    For what it's worth, I've used Cloudveil's 8X pros for the past year -- and actually used them for a magazine review package (along with Simms and Orvis products) last fall. Of the three test pair, I ended up buying the Cloudveils. Why? The Cloudveils proved as tough or tougher than the Simms, and they actually fit much better (less bulky excess material. I'm not a small guy, but not sporting too much of a belly either -- 6'2" 220 pounds -- but XL size waders typically are too wide and not tall enough. Cloudveils are a perfect fit.) I also like the feature set on the Cloudveils. That said, I would have been happy with the Simms, too (my girl friend -- who was testing the womens versions -- decided to buy the Simms for similar version -- fit, durability, and functionality).

    Bottom line, all were decent, but I really like the way Cloudveil focuses on design and function.

    FYI: Best backpacking rain parka on the market right now: Cloudveil Koven Plus. Side by side testing against best from Arc'teryx, Mountain Hardwear, The North Face, GoLife, and Mamot Gore-tex-based jacket showed conclusively that Cloudveil's Koven Plus (using Schoeller c-Change membrane) wins on breathability, fit, and comfort while hiking. pro wader--CV09223/

  4. david.schepers skeeps

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    Good to know Im 6'3 235lbs and have had the same problems. To wide and baggy in order to get the proper height. Theres the simms G4s with the the front zipper, but at $700 no way. Ill try the Cloudveils to see how they work.

  5. agent montana This Must be a sickness!! MARINATE!!!

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    GUIDELINE STRETCHTECHS!! SAve your money and get a pair that fit a big man right! See Ron at AATF before you go out and spend $500 bucks!!
  6. Jergens AKA Joe Willauer

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    ive never owned clooudveils, but have heard no good reviews of them, and can vouch heavily for simms.
  7. Charles Sullivan dreaming through the come down

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    You cauld also buy 4-5 Dan Baileys, and extra gravel guards. Pound for pound the best in the world.

    Of course paying the $150.00 for a repair or replacement and spending $70.00 + $10.00 (gravel guards) for Dan Baily barebones, may put you in the best position. You would have an excellent first pair and a pair of back ups that I call primaries.

    For the record, I have 2 pair of the barebones for a total cost of $150.00.

    Sox lose 7-6,
  8. woodway Squeaky Reel

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    I have a pair of Riversheds. I've only had them out a couple of times, and so far so good. They are comfortable to wear, and move around in. I really appreciate the reinforcing material they put on the thighs on down as this is where all other waders I have owned (not SIMMS, this is my first pair) have developed leaks. FWIW, I don't notice bulkiness or extra material that an earlier post mentioned. They fit me pretty well. I am 6'1" and weigh 190 lbs, and I bought the large size. $299 seems to be the going price for them online.

    Good luck.
  9. Rob Zelk I swing, therefore i am.

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    I know someone who bought cloudveils, and they had numerous leaking problems with them, within the season of usage. That said, I think the fabric on cloudveils, or at least on the model he has, was lighter and less durable than the simms we're accustom to using. We do a lot of bush whacking though, so tougher material is a must. We are a bit tough on waders though; any pair of waders, if you're not careful can become leaky easily if you don't take care of them.
  10. Chuk N Lead New Member

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    Every person I know that has purchased Cloudveil waders has had to retire them in less than a year. I haven't personally tried any Cloudveil products, but I know that the waders can be problematic.
  11. ak_powder_monkey Proud to Be Alaskan

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    The Cloudveil hellroaring is an awesome pair of waders, seams on the outside so you don't get that hole between the ankles, nice pocket for holding stuff, good fitting booties. Sure they aren't gore tex but they are waterproof and breat decently. I give them a full reccomendation. Best pair of waders I've ever used. Also yesterday I bushwacked for about an hour through mud and devils club, wader killing stuff and the waders don't leak yet.
  12. James Waggoner Active Member

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    I love my simms. After years of cheaper waders and almost yearly replacements I bought a pair of simms. I've had them 4 years now and yet to have applied one patch. I'm not sure if I use mine as much as some but I bet waders don't really ever dry out between March and Sept when I'm on the river at least 5 days a week before and after work. Nothing's worse than a leaky pair of waders.
  13. BDD Active Member

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    Whether you are talking rods, reels, waders, or trucks, you'll find customers with very differing opinions of satisfaction.

    Some guys call them "Cloudfails" but yet there are many who say they have had good sucess with them.

    When asking for opinions or product reviews, be prepared for lots of different responses.

    As far as breathable waders, the only ones I've tried have been Simms and I have no complaints.
  14. Jergens AKA Joe Willauer

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    iagree i should edit my previous comment, everyone i have know who used them had problems. akmonkey is the only good report i have ever heard about them.
  15. Dan Nelson Hiker, Fisher, Writer, Bum

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    Make that two good reports. I've tested gear for an assortment of international magazines for more than 18 years (Outside magazine, Men's Journal, Fly Rod and Reel, National Geographic Adventure, Adventures West, Hooked on the Outdoors, Sports Afield, etc.), and the Cloudveil 8x are the first pair of waders I've used that have had ZERO durability problems (other test products from Orvis, Simms, Cabelas, Hodgman, etc.)

    I'm well aware that reviews are very subjective, and everyone has a favorite brand, but I tend to treat review samples like hell, beating them as much as I can to simulate the most aggressive use possible. I've literally crawled through star thistle and lava rock along the Grand Ronde River and tumbled through granite boulders along the American in the Cloudveils with nary a leak or even a serious wear point.

    That said, the only other waders I've found that are nearly as problem free are those from Simms (only a few tiny holes after use similar to that experienced in the CVs). I'd be happy with either brand and would comfortably recommend either brand to anyone.

    Bottom line, the folks at Cloudveil know how to work with Gore Tex XCR (and the new Pro Shell) They are routinely rated as experts by W.L. Gore, and Gore maintains VERY strict standards on use of their products.

  16. therealist PNW

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    Last years Cloudveil issues were a direct result of the fact that they ordered their entire years supply of waders at the same time. There was a problem with the glue on the seams and therefore, everyone who had problems had to return them only to get another bad set. Extremely unfortunate. This years waders have solved the problem, I have about 30 days in my currently ones this year since they arrived about 2 months ago.

    Sorry for those who had a bad experience with them, if possible, give em another chance when the opportunity arises.

    For old waders that are beyond use, go here: