Simms vs. Patagonia Wading Jackets

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by JF, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. JF Member

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    Does anyone have any strong opinions on Patagonia vs. Simms wading jackets? I was looking at the Simms Guide Jacket and either the patagonia deep wading or guidewater. Any input is appreciated!

  2. caddishatch Member

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    I have a Patagonia SST that is around 7 years old. Neve have had any problems. Still going strong. The Simms jacket is the only Simms product I have not owned.
  3. Mayfly Aviator Member

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    I've had Patagonia jackets for years. Just picked up the simms guide jacket in October and can't believe how much more comfortable it is. Easy call for me...simms.
  4. Joe Smolt Member

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    I've used a Patagonia SST and Simms G3. After all, I favored the SST because of the softer materila and lower pockets for hand warming

  5. Peter Pancho Active Member

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    They are both awesome quality jackets with the best customer service. I'd have to go with Simms though if I was to get another to replace my SST 7 yr old jacket that is still going strong and bullet proof. Reason being is because Simms products are designed strictly by Fisherman for fisherman out of Montana. G3/G4 is next. Yes the fleece pockets in the upper rear of the SST chest pockets are awesome, but kinda uncomfortable when you have 9" size fly boxes in them.
  6. Stan Wright Member

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    I have 4 sets of the Simms jacket and pants that we use for our clients. It's the Pack Lite design.
    They've held up great for the last 4 years.
    Of course in Hawaii, we don't have to deal with the cold, just the rain.

    Haven't used the Patagonia jackets
  7. troutpocket Active Member

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    I ponied up for my first quality fishing jacket in 2006. I went with the SST because it was less "techinical" looking than the Simms at the time. No complaints. Many days of comfortable fishing in nasty conditions. My only suggestion would be to try them on before you buy. Sizing can be quite different between the two companies.
  8. freestoneangler Not to be confused with Freestone

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  9. Jergens AKA Joe Willauer

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    I got 6 years (probably 400 days) out of my G3, which is plenty of good use in my opinion. Replaced it with the Simms guide jacket and like it alot so far. This winter will be the test though.
  10. LBC nymphing beads with a spey pole.

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    love my old patagonia deep wade jacket. Never have had a simms but your probably good with whatever you go with.. .both super reputable
  11. JF Member

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    Thanks all!

    I pulled the trigger on the Simms guide Jacket. Now all I need is RAIN!
  12. Alosa Active Member

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    I did the exact same thing; hard to beat that deal, and while I wanted the other color I'd rather stay dry that look 'fashionable', especially considering the cheaper price.
  13. Befishin Member

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    There both junk. On the OP, if ain't rubber, its going to leak! I have had several different kinds and all with out exception start leaking with in a year, or in some cases less! A LOT LESS! I bought a cheap Leakman (hodgeman) and throw it in the wash about every two months. Then fill it with newspaper, hang it upside down in the shop and spray/soak silcon water proofing all over it. Works perfect. You don't look too Eddie Baur when hooking a 17lb. buck in a blinding rain storm, but your dry.
  14. tippet hardcore flyfishing addict

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    I have had two of the Patagonias and now am a couple of years into my second Simms. The Simms have held up much better than the Patagonias.
  15. Denny Active Member

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  16. chewydog Active Member

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    Gore Tex vs. some nondescript crap. USA vs. Asia. No contest.