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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Kent Lufkin, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. The last of the flies in my Personal Best swap just arrived and are ready to send out. I'm feeling pretty flush with all those great flies and a swap that finished nearly 3 weeks before the original deadline, so I thought I'd host another.

    I've been thinking about a thread by Richard Olmstead a couple months ago about simple, easy-to-tie flies that are nonetheless quite effective (

    In that spirit, I'd like to propose a swap based on that theme: killer trout flies that are tied with three (3) or less ingredients. To clarify, the hook and thread will not count as ingredients.

    The swap is open to 10 or 12 tyers (depending on demand). If we don't get that many folks signed up within a week, it'll still go on with the number of people who've signed up by then.

    Here's the boilerplate ground rules:

    The due date for having your flies to me will be 1 month from today, Saturday, March 1, 2008.

    Please allow enough time to tie your flies and for the mail to get them to me by the deadline. To keep from penalizing those who do get their flies in on time, I will divide and send back all the flies I receive by the due date. If I don't have yours by that date, I'll send them back to you.

    Tie up enough flies for everyone in the swap, minus yourself (plus an extra two or three for the swapmeister will be appreciated!)

    So that everyone knows which pattern YOU tied, please attach a toe tag to each of your flies with your name and the name of your fly. If you wish (and you can write really small!), you can also include the recipe as well. A strip of paper cut to about 3/8" x 4" with a 1/4" on one end folded back and the point of the hook stuck through the doubled paper works great. If room permits, please include the three ingredients you used on the toe tag. Please avoid using little pre-cut tags with strings that you tie onto each fly. From experience, the string works loose and I end up getting a bunch of loose flies and tags that I've gotta reattach. Also, please avoid big tags. At least one person will send their flies in a little tiny fly box or Altoid tin which will make stuffing your big tag into that tiny space a challenge.

    Mail your flies in a crush-proof container (a cheap plastic fly box, an Altoid tin or a plastic VHS tape case all work great). Put the container in a heavy manilla clasp envelope or sturdy box along with an identical, stamped self-addressed return envelope or a stick-on label.

    IMPORTANT: please include the correct return postage or a couple of bucks. I get cranky when someone just assumes that I'll pay for return postage.

    Mail the whole shebang to me at:

    Kent Lufkin
    16736 NE 42nd Court
    Redmond, WA 98052

    I'll divide up the flies on Sunday, March 2, 2008 and mail 'em back out to you the following Monday.

    Remember, you don't have to wait until then to send 'em. If everyone gets their flies in early then I can send 'em out early and the swap doesn't have to come to a screetching halt while one or two guys are frantically tying the day before the deadline.

    If you've got to pull out of the swap for some unforeseen reason, PLEASE let us know by posting to this thread as soon as possible. Things change in life and it's OK if you've gotta focus on something else instead. But a little advance notice will go a long way and keep me from having to track you down the day before the deadline.

    I'll add to this thread from time to time to see how we're all doing as the deadline draws closer and will send email or PMs to any laggards. From experience, subscribing to the thread is an easy way to stay on top of the latest posts from fellow tyers.

    Finally, I'll take pics of each of the patterns and put 'em up in the gallery.

    Otherwise, thanks for joining in the swap - I can't wait to see which patterns you tie up.

    Since I started this, I getta pick first! I'll be tying up a brown soft hackle nymph that works especially well in mountain lakes.

  2. kent, I must say you put on some good swaps. I was hoping I could get away with a deep clouser. Thanks.
  3. Might have to get another container for shipment but sigh me up Kent.
  4. Sorry, weird double post.
  5. Kent, I'm in with a POP fly (Partridge Orange and Peacock) if that's okay.

  6. I'm in. I can't wait to unleash my simple but F-ing kills em Caddis pupa.
  7. I'd like to sign up if you'll have me. I'd like to tie an "otter creek candy cane". it's a soft hackle tied with a pearlescent crystal flash body and a teal flank hackle. It works great as a dropper or as a spinner.

  8. Count me in Kent. Not sure what I'll tie yet.

  9. Okay, I'm in. Since I was the inspiration for this, I guess I'd better play. I haven't decided what to contribute yet, but thought I'd better sign up before this swap fills up without me! I'll do something dry or an emerger, since we're already getting some nymphs and soft-hackles.
  10. Count me in, with a mallard soft hackle.
  11. Count me in too, if there's still room. How 'bout an X-Caddis, unless that's what you were thinking, Dick. I could also scrounge up a chironomid of some sort.

  12. Wow! What a great response - 10 tyers already. Here's a list of who's in and with what:

    Kent Lufkin - brown soft hackle
    Sean Engman - Clouser deep minnow (Are you sure this is a trout fly, Sean? If you're not sure, perhaps you could choose a pattern most people would associate with trout fishing?)
    Daryle Holstrom - TBD
    Ron Eagle Elk - POP
    John Hicks - Caddis pupa
    Warren Perry - Otter creek candy cane
    Steve S - TBD
    Richard Olmstead - TBD
    Kevin Rudzinski - mallard soft hackle
    Marc Chapman - X-caddis​

    I'll update this as more tyers commit.

  13. No worries about taking an X-caddis, Marc. It's one of my favorite simple flies, but I've got a few others up my sleeve. I'll tie a CDC emerger. This could very well be my most productive pattern for trout over the course of the year and its a simple 3-step tie.
  14. Alright..I'm in for this one.


    I'll tie a BWO Parachute. I might be able to get it to three materials but it's going to be tough. I guess I could use the tail with the same material I use the post with.
  15. If still space, I'm in with a Carey Special of some sort.
    Filling the boxes up for spring...awesome!
  16. Two more tyers have signed on so this swap is now closed at an even dozen and pending Sean Engman's confirmation of his entry as a trout fly. Here's who's on board:

    Kent Lufkin - brown soft hackle
    Sean Engman - Clouser deep minnow (Are you sure this is a trout fly, Sean? If you're not sure, perhaps you could choose a pattern most people would associate with trout fishing?)
    Daryle Holstrom - TBD
    Ron Eagle Elk - POP
    John Hicks - Caddis pupa
    Warren Perry - Otter creek candy cane
    Steve S - TBD
    Richard Olmstead - CDC emerger
    Kevin Rudzinski - mallard soft hackle
    Marc Chapman - X-caddis
    Mozart - para BWO
    Steeli - Carey special variation​

    Could those of you who haven't yet decided what they'll be tying please post your choice to this thread asap?

  17. Half way there!!!
  18. Look up, Kent! I claimed title to a CDC emerger as my entrant in my second post. In keeping with my resolution to become a better stillwater fly fisher, I'll tie it in a color and size suited to a Callibaetis.
  19. Thanks!

  20. Cham-mo the killer leech invented by Chuck Collins but with some artistic license.

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