Simple but effective fly swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Kent Lufkin, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. Kent,

    Flies go out in this morning's mail. Please let me know when you get them

  2. WOW! That was quick, Warren.
  3. Always has to be one that shows the rest of us up! :D
  4. I have a neat bunnly leach that does really good on those desert creek fish.
  5. Perfect!

  6. I understand those desert creek fish can be really particular, so you're going to have to tell us exactly where that desert creek is that this particular fly will work!
  7. Tell you what, I will show you a nice section of creek in exchange for a spey rod! BTW Flies are done and in the mail.
  8. Two tyers have already finished up and mailed their flies? This is an awesome group indeed!

  9. I'll be tying a quill body dun.
  10. The mailman left me a box full of Warren Perry's beautiful Otter Creek Candy Cane nymphs today. Hard to believe they're tied from only three materials.

    Who's next?

  11. Kent, do lead eyes count as a material?

  12. Yes. Anything beyond the hook and thread is a material.

    If your pattern requires any kind of weight such as lead eyes, a bead head, or wrapped lead wire, you've got two materials left for the rest of the fly.

  13. Is there a fudge factor?

  14. What's it worth to you? :cool:

    Seriously, we all can and do tie 4- and 5-ingredient flies all day long. The challenge in this swap was summarized nicely in Richard Olmstead's original thread in which he questioned whether or not more complicated flies result in greater fishing success. I was surprised by how many respondents beside myself agreed that more complicated patterns aren't always more productive.

    Let's stick with the original challenge and see what everyone has found works but take three or fewer materials to tie.

  15. I can do it, I can do it. ;)

  16. I know you can. :thumb:

  17. Sent mine out this afternoon.
  18. Mine are done and will be in the mail Monday morning.
  19. I dropped mine in the mail this a.m.
  20. Thanks all. I got Sean Engman's sweet bunny leeches in Saturday's mail. I'll post a detailed update when I receive the next round of flies.


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