Simple but effective fly swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Kent Lufkin, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. Looks to me like WE'RE waitin' on flies from three guys...

    just sayin'
  2. Work has been very hard on me as of late and I'm doing all I can with the free time my job has given me. I just arrived from work after 13.5 hours and I'm on the vise now. Flies will be in the mail tomorrow or the latest Thursday via Priority Mail.

  3. I sent mine off last Thursday and Kent still hasn't received them. I spoke with Kent through PM and we decided that we'd wait until Friday and if neither of us have received them, I will tie up a new batch and meet Kent for the drop off.
    That's such a bummer because I thought that they were some pretty good flies and I've always considered the postal service to be one of the greatest yet unappreciated bargains around.

  4. Good news! Steve's beautiful quill body duns arrived in today's mail, a full week after they were mailed.

    Hopefully, mozart's para BWOs will be here in the next day or two and I'll start dividing 'em up.

  5. That's great news Kent!!! There are a few other patterns in there for you Kent. They are patterns that I thought about tying for the swap but the no-hackles are too much of a pain and the other dry just isn't as classy looking as the quill body.

  6. Just dropped the package off at the post office. You should receive the flies by tomorrow or the latest Saturday. I apologize for the delay.
  7. Mozart's flies arrived as promised this morning. I'll get started dividing them up and try to hit the post office before it closes at noon. If not, they'll go out Monday.

    Thanks for everybody's patience.

  8. Great news - thanks, Kent!
  9. Whoooppeee!
  10. Can't wait, love to see what people come up with for three materials.
  11. Kent, Looking forward to seeing those flies. Thanks for hosting this one.
  12. The envelopes are sealed and waiting for me to take to the post office this morning. Local guys should have them tomorrow.

    I've taken pictures of each and will post today or tomorrow. I hope you're as amazed as I was at the real beauties that were tied with just three materials.

  13. The flies are in the mail. When I receive a self-addressed return envelope and postage from John Hicks, I'll mail his as well.

  14. Hey, everyone. I just opened my envelope w/ flies and they're great! I can't wait to try out a number of these.

    Thanks again for an easy swap, Kent. I wonder how many times I can reuse that envelope :)
  15. I received mine today. Very impressive variety and quality!!
  16. Just opened up mine as well. Great ties everyone! This is the first time I've ever had a bunny leach. Looks like I might have to start tying these up!
  17. Got mine today too. Nice variety and quality tying all around. Thanks to all the tyers and to Kent for hosting.

  18. As above. thanks Kent
  19. Some fine looking, nay, "elegant" flies in this swap, boys. Good job all!

    Thanks again, Kent.

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