Sink Tip Grain Wt Question for the Spey

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Steelie Mike, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. Steelie Mike Active Member

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    I just got a new Windcutter 7/8/9 to upgrade my last Windcutter 6/7/8. I had been casting a line much to light for my spey rod. Are the tips for the 6/7/8 in regards to grain weight the same as with the 7/8/9 tips? The Older tips do not have the bar code on them.

  2. greenbuttskunk Member

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    Just saw your post sitting there without a reply.
    Are you going to try to use the old 6-7-8 tips with the new line?
    I believe the lighter tips will be less grains.
    You could call Aaron at river run anglers. he knows the grain weight answers.
    Or email him, his website is a sponsor and is on the home page.
    Have you been fishing?
    I hit the green this morning briefly nada. Looks good on the drop right now.
  3. Brian St New Member

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    Tips for your 6/7/8 windcutter were most likely 15' 7wt tips. They will work fine for the 7/8/9 windcutter, if you need a few more grains to load the rod pick yourself up a few 15' 8wt tips. This is what the 7/8/9 windcutter comes with in the multi tip kit.

    Brian Styskal
  4. Steelie Mike Active Member

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    I should have figured the grain weight would be for the 7wt. I have the 7/8/9 tips but did not want to use them if the tips were interchangable with the 6/7/8. At any rate, I need to get out and use them and see how they cast.
    Good to hear from you Kurt. I have not heard from you in a while.
  5. Whitey Active Member

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    I'm completely new to the world of spey, I have a G-loomis Kispiox Dredger 8/9 weight rod and I have been using the Windcutter 8/9/10. I have heard from people with far more experience that the windcutters in general are rated to light. I'm going to get the Rio Skagit line 8/9 and use the tips from my windcutter and see if I can actually shoot some line, or it could just be me?:confused:

    I also want to thank the guys from River Run: Aaron, Brian, and Mike for getting me started out. If your even thinking of going spey, go to spey class on saturdays, its the best thing since sliced bread. I caught my first steelie on my spey rod this year at the Ronde and it was super sweet. It was a Nate too!

    YT, Spey nubie!:cool:
  6. Luv2flyfish Another Flyfisherman

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    6wt Rio sink tips = 84 grns
    7wt Rio sink tips = 95 grns
    8wt Rio sink tips = 109 grns
    9wt Rio sink tips = 129 grns

    as far as out of the box lines go.....these weights are regardless of the head/belly length of the particular spey line you are using. EG: Grandspey type 6, 8wt weighs the same as a windcutter type 6, 8wt. The tips are all the same. I do not know to what extent (if any) Rio has changed their tip weights when they redesigned their lines to comply with the new AFTMA spey line standard.