sink tip to leader connection help???

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by dreamonafly, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. dreamonafly

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    Just wonder what others are using to connect their leader to their tips, it happen twice this weekend, it broke off at the knot with a fish knot of choose have been the double surgeon knot for my loop to loop..

    Any feedback would be great..or maybe we should use a heavy leader????
  2. Mark Mercer

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    I use a perfection loop for all of my loop to loop connections, so far they haven't failed, but there might be something better? What size tippet are use
    using and are we talking saltwater? If so I seldom go smaller then 3X.
  3. Preston

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    Many lines today have a pre-formed loop but, lacking that, I tie a short (6-inch or so) length of 25-30 pound monofilament to the line with a nailknot and a perfection loop at the other end to which I attach the leader. For loop-to-loop connections the perfection loop is the standard. Properly tied, it's a strong knot and I don't ever recall having one fail.
  4. dreamonafly

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    Thanks mark...

    Perfection loop, I try couple times, but always found it difficult to master..

    BTW..the perfection loop does it apply to salt and fresh water??

    We were on the op river for steelhead, I seldom use anything heavier..guess the 12lb maxima leader is not enough..
  5. triploidjunkie

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  6. Salmo_g

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    I use a perfection loop to connect a leader butt section to a line that has a loop on the end. By butt section I mean leader material at least two sizes heavier than my tippet material. I never use the perfection loop to connect my leader tippet however because the perfection loop has a low % of the original strength test of the material being used. So go ahead and use the perfection loop if your leader butt section is 20 lb. or heavier.

    BTW, 12 lb. Maxima is more than enough tippet strength. I was using 8 lb Maxima chameleon last weekend to land steelhead up to 18 lb and have landed even larger fish. I use a variation of the Turle knot to fasten my tippet to fly, and it is pretty strong. Double surgeon's, Perfection loop, and about half and half between it and the blood knots I connect leader sections together with.

    If you're looping your tippet to your line, you need something stronger than the Perfection loop, like the Lefty Kreh loop. Personally I haven't found loop knots to be strong enough to use on tippets, but I may not have learned to tie them well (except the Perfection - I've been using that for decades).

  7. Matthew LeBret

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    For loop to loop I have used both perfection and Double surgeons and found that the double surgeon is what I use 100% of the time now adays. The key to a good double surgeons is not to let the line twist onto its self when pulling the loop snug. There is always the chance that you got that one shitty spool out of a million :thumb:
  8. TD

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    If I'm tying a leader to a sink tip that does not have a loop I use a nail knot. However, I double the sink tip and wrap the leader around both lengths of the tip material. Then I pass the leader through the small loop that is left in the sink tip at the knot. Then pull the knot tight. I've had standard nail knots slip on sink tips before but this modified version of the nail knot has never failed for me.