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  1. With fish going deeper as water temps are climbing, I've finally gotten some use out of my new Rio In-Touch type VI the past few weeks. Very pleased with how it fishes so far. Sinks like a rock, and has great sensitivity/hookup% due to the non-stretch feature.

    My only complaint is that the running line seems to tangle up in itself very easily. About one in every three casts I'm having to fix some major tangles. I'm fishing on solid floor boards and letting the line coil up around my feet. Doesn't seem to be an issue with other lines I fish. Anyone else experience this or have any pointers on how cut down on the tangling?
  2. I have a Rio type 6, deep 6 I think it was called. It about 3 years old and I do not have this problem. Possibly a different line, but I simply let it coil in the bottom of the boat as you described. I actually enjoy casting these sinking lines. The running line is y thin and slips through my fingers easily. Just takes a few casts to get use to it again.

    They really are awesome lines.
  3. When stripping in, I make line coils with my left hand. Strip - reach ahead - form a loop with my thumb and forefinger - strip - reach ahead - form a loop with my thumb and forefinger. Etc. Still sometimes end up with a big mess, but I think over time I've gotten better at it.
  4. I also bought the RIO InTouch Deep 7 line a few months ago and I had similar issues. With the old Deep 7 line, I had to stretch the line to prevent tangles, but this InTouch line doesn't seem to need stretching (and with the non-stretch core, it would be difficult to stretch the line anyway), but I feel that the line comes with some built-in line twist from the factory. I was careful to install the line on the reel with no line twist, but I think it came with line twist anyway and that may be the cause of the line tangles. I've tried trolling with a lot of line out, but still had some line twist. I think I need to go to some high bridge or building, attacha weight to the end of the line, and let all the line out to let it untwist. It could be that there is something about the non-stretch core that is causing this line twist, as I didn't have line twist problems with the old Deep 7 line, and the coating appears to be identical to the old Deep 7 (although I had the coating on the new InTouch line crack and peel after a few months of use, but RIO sent me a new line (3 week turn-around)). I'm hoping that the line coating problem was just with that particular line and not indicative of the entire manufacturing run; we'll see after a few months of use with this replacement line. The older Deep 7 lines lasted me about a year or two before cracking and peeling (I go fishing about once a week on average).

  5. You need to pull the line all the way to backing let it untwist while trolling this may help to keep from coiling.
  6. I'll try letting all the line out. Hopefully thats all it takes. The line coil idea may also be something I need to practice, although it may be difficult with certain types of retreives. Thanks for the replies!
  7. Dont forget that every time you dont shoot out all the line on a cast, it leaves a twist in your line, so dont strip out more than you can comfortably cast. And if you feel like your casts are shooting less and less line with more tangles then reel up a bit and start over with shorter casts. The line should naturally untwist in the air before hitting the water on each cast, as long as it shoots out all the way
  8. To get the line to untwist fully by trolling it there should be NOTHING on the end of the line (no hook, no swivel). Trying pinching the line between rod hand and handle when stripping in and that should drive twist down the line and out the end of the line.

    IMHO a good stripping basket will solve 99% of the tangling trouble even if the line is twisted. It also helps a lot if a hot fish slams the line and takes off: the line doesn't jump off the ground and snake around the rod guides as badly. I really like a waist high square cross-section (square seems to stow in the boat better than round) plastic tub with line minders set just low enough inside the basket that the line doesn't fall out (you can shoot line further when it starts at knee level compared to floor level).

    I need a diagram of how leaving line on deck instead of on the reel puts twist in the line. Roll casting definitely puts twist in but how is the line twisted differently if it sits on deck compared to sits on the reel? Is the claim that any twists from roll casting migrate backwards up the line sitting on the deck?? I still agree it's good practice to keep any line you're not using ON the reel.
  9. Yep, I've been thinking a stripping basket might be next on my list. Aside from the tangles, it would also keep the line out of other parts of the boat it always seems to hang up on.

    Now that I think about it I do tend to keep extra line off the real incase I'm able to shoot the perfect cast (which never happens with my skills). Ill keep an eye on that next time.

    Great suggestions so far, thanks!
  10. yeah every once in a while youll get one good one that takes off. but it seems that If I'm having trouble shooting out all of the line If I start over shorter and work my way back up to the long casts then they are much more crisp and end up with less tangles. I have read it in different articles and noticed it in practice that if you dont shoot out all of the line then the last bit stays twisted, then the next cast a little more twisted and even less line shooting. Some days it feels a little back and forth.

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