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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Trout Master, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. " Re: Site free of Mumbles

    Yes I am guilty. Hopefully friday you will have something for to post! Like me catching and you and Scott watching!"

    So if Scott and I are catching and you are not-will you have to change your name from say Trout Master to maybe Trying to Master Trout?:thumb:
  2. Agree. And omj is just sitting back watching.
  3. He'll have it all prewritten and loaded and just have to hit start and the rest of us won't be able to get in for a week. It will be payback tiime so we better get it said now. If he really could do that write for a week it might be funny that he'd only get one post for a week.
  4. LMAO This is too funny. When I first logged in this afternoon I was reading the Allen Fly Fishing thread in the classifides and saw that he had been banned. I thought it was because of something that occured in that thread or something, and didn't realize otherwise until I saw this thread. Hilarious!
  5. guys wish!!

    I have connections wherever I go....even Band Camp!
  6. Mumbles? Is that really You?

    ROTFLOL OMG TFF :rofl:
  7. Someone ask him something only Mumbles would know... ... ...

    ..Does anyone know if Mumbles knows anything?

  8. He should be driving or camping, smoking a cigar,eating and then dreaming about catching fish. Then he should be getting up and actually go fishing.
  9. What's is Mumbles' favorite cookie?

    I feel insecure about knowing this - but I do. Chalk that up to a four hour road trip.
  10. All of you who support his bannishment should be bannished in return. Just kidding its hysterical :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  11. Ask him a fishing question: like How do you mend? If the answer is correct it's not him.
  12. Ask him what brand of waders his wife has. MumblesII. You kill me, Ed.

    I wonder if he'll ask Scoones to roll the post count from the new account into his old one when he gets back.....
  13. It is him, Plus now somone has the names as MumblesII. No sane person would do that. Would you call yourself Mumbles??????? I'd rather shave my dogs butt and kiss him than call myself that. He knows why I'm ribbing him. The horror,the horror. Col,Kurtz 1978
  14. We.....? Do you have a mouse in you pocket?

    No, I won't.
  15. ROLFLMAO!! This has got to be the best thread of the year!! (no offense Ed). It's always hard to quit an addiction isn't it? I hope he catches fish for once so we don't have to listen to him whine about being skunked.
  16. People who comment on things they know and don't know pretty much blur the lines of what they actually know. HE commments on everything......... meaning, i don't think HE know shit!!!!!!
  17. Mumbles knows I'm just playing with him. I hope he does well and has fun. Kick some ass Ed!
  18. Maybe he went fishing with his buddy Jeb. I would like to see him demonstrate his roll cast or his left hook cast. Have fun Ed!

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