Size 18 or Smaller Emerger Pattern

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by kelvin, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Count me in Kelvin!

    I always enjoy being involved with these swaps and meeting the fellow angler behind thier avatar.

    And I noticed some of you guys getting in on this from the East side, which makes a face to face the more difficult.

    Here's an idea to think about before the 30th. How about a "summit" or "mid-state" face to face?

    Since you are the host Kelvin, what are your thoughts on this?
  2. Sorry, didn't realize this was a face to face swap, I'll be in Montana and won't be able to make it. I'm out.
  3. I see where it says "due March 30th" but no mention of a face to face. Face to face won't work for me in Moses Lake unless everyone is fishing Dry Falls on the opener.
  4. As long as it's not a face to face swap I can still participate. Kelvin?
  5. Sign me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey Kelvln, you overlooked Ron McNeal's signup!!!!
  6. i don't think it'll be face to face from the looks. I hope not because i'm pretty stoked for this. i got something nice goin. . .
  7. I brought up the thought to see where everyone was at with it. Either way works for me.
  8. sorry Richard, i didn't see your "mid-state" idea. i was just thinkin since 2 people already said they'd be out if it was face to face we'd go ahead and do it mail wise.
  9. I think Ron Eagle Elk just set a new land speed record and asked me for my mailing address this morning to send me his completed flies.
    So I got inspired, choose a pattern, and ran with it.
    All mine are now tied

    Ps there is no prize for speed but there should be one.

    P5270510.JPG P5270509.JPG
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  10. I can tie my usual Lochsa Racoon (small stillwater emerger) if people want, or could try something new like the snowshoe upwing emerger posted by Hans last week. - Preferences?
  11. I haven't tried snowshoe yet and it would be nice to see what can be done with it.
  12. ill start mine today, is anyone else thinkin of a BWO? if so i might switch it up and do a purple phase emerger.
  13. Mine are a simple to tie BWO.

    Dang, Kelvin, that was super fast, and a great looking fly as well.
  14. Kelvin, what is the furled tail on your flies?
  15. CDC Purple Phase it is. about 1/3 done. P1000511.JPG
  16. I'm going with a mid emerger. When mids emerge they will tend to stick both their heads and then tails up first leaving their middle section in the water. The middle section tends to shine with the built up gasses regardless of the original color of the bug so my emergers are silver/static bag and they have flotation on both ends.
  17. I'm thinking something like this:
  18. knotted mono
  19. I would have never guessed.
  20. Let me know what you think? These are prototypes...

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