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  1. :rofl: :rofl:

    let me tell a story about hairwing flies and "bigger" flies. So Mike and I are camping on the Grand ronde(sp). I'm convinced from the reading and all the lore I've heard that hairwing flies are the ticket. In fact a Guide hands me this great looking hairwing fly. He's been doing this for years, and has lots of confidence in this fly. He says it will work... Who am I to doubt this, I mean this is his profession. So i go through the run first. Notta zip zilch. then as i am finishing up, I hear this. zip zzzzzzzzzzzz "FISH!!" Steelie mike going throug behind me hooks up with a fish. Son of a B%$%. A leech pattern 3-4" long nailed the fish. Low clear water....Both using same rod, same line, and same intermediate tip. I think from that moment on, I chucked the hairwings. They look cool as hell though.
  2. Sounds like he put the fly in front of the fish better than you.:p
  3. Tall, Your story proves nothing except that Steelie Mike caught a fish and you didn't. It could just as easily been reversed. Players are where you find them.

    The "magic fly" is whatever one a person has the most confidence in, whatever that fly is. Tall in my opinion you have learned the secret of the "magic fly" and I'll give you points for that.

    Here's to summer chrome and the flies that catch them, whatever they are. :beer2:
  4. You guys are funny:) !
  5. Well maybe so, but that wasn't my intent.
  6. Poppy, It doesn't prove anything, but in my head it means alot. I look for stimulus-response, Cause and effect. That fish ignored my fly and hit his. Why? Don't know. The bigger fly, got the response. It could of been reversed, but in my experience the first guy through usually pulls the fish.

    :beer2: to Steel!
  7. Tall, I don't know how long you've been fishing for steelhead? But the first guy through doesn't usually catch the fish. I really don't think it had anything to do with your fly vs. Mike's, I think he presented it different and got the player. Or even more probable, he was luckier than you. Your stimulus response thing is purely subjective and that's fine, but--- I've been out fished on many occasions by veterans that understand water and presentation better than I. In other words the fly was, and often is, insignificant.
  8. Yep, I'm a rookie. Sorry for responding.
  9. now now boys. I think the nail was hit on the head a long time ago, fish what you're confident in and enjoy fishing. Tall obviously catches alot of fish as does steelie mike and from what I gather they both prefer fishing large flies even during low water conditions. Obviously it works...look at their galleries. That being said, steelhead could just as effectively be taken on a #10 green butt skunk in the same conditions if you fish the fly well and fish it with confidence. The bottom line is that steelhead, especially native steelhead are aggressive. While they can sometimes be dour, more often then not if the conditions are favorable you can catch them on whatever you like. For me that means fishing small hairwings and dries in the summer. I am definitely the greenest steelheader to have weighed in on this, but I think its more or less true.

    Another thing I constantly think about...people are often skeptical of fishing small flies for steelhead because they think they fish for some reason cant see it. I've spent a bit of time underwater watching salmonids, observing their behavior, how they move in the water, how they respond to stimulus and I can tell you...they dont miss much. I've literally watched steelhead in a run pick up nymph after nymph as they floated downstream. Also consider this: people frequently catch steelhead sized trout on tricos flies which are typically about size 22. I think its safe to say steelhead see my #6 bomber cruising across the top of their run. I like Poppy's rule, and that guy has probably caught 300 times as many steelhead as I have so I'll take his word for it.
  10. The above statement is exactly my point. You BELIEVE in those BIG moal leeches and that is why you should be fishing them. You have confidence in them and that is what counts.

    Bring those BIG flies the next time you come over. I will happily follow you through Poppy's riffle while using a hairwing. We most likely won't prove anything either way but it will be fun. Maybe Steelie Mike will be with you and I'll follow both of you through Poppy's riffle.
  11. Poppy, I'll fish with you anytime. With any luck, I will be at the Clearwater Clave with the same ugly bunch you saw me with at the Sandy one. :beer2:
  12. Actually a bit of both with a dry line. Cast is usually slightly up stream, and then I'll toss in one or two big up stream mends so the flies are coming down stream (and sinking) first. Once I get tension on the line then it's usually a straight swing.

  13. Exactly. Thinking about the comments on 'big flies/big water' and I honestly can't remember (save for a couple of high water trips over on the Chetco) where I've hooked a fish on a hook over a #4.
  14. Well this thread has been enlightening. Poppy, I'll try to make it over there to my home state of ID, where women are scarce and sheep are nervous :rofl: :rofl:.

    Be careful, if i'm the first one through, I'll catch the fish:cool: :cool: . hehe, just ask those I fish with.

    Thanks for the backup Will. It's nice to know someone doesn't think I'm a total greenhorn.

    Seriously, if more than 50% of the time someone was follwing me through a run and hooking a fish, I'd have some serious self doubts about my fly and or my abilities, but hey, according the "internet experts" that "usually" happens.:beathead:
  15. Didn't say that the lead guy doesn't usually hook the fish, but rather, that its not unusual if he doesn't. Clearly you're not a rookie, hell, you've probably been fishing longer than I and your a better fisherman. :confused:
  16. Now Justin, don't you mean hook fish the first time through the run?
  17. Yes, very true....I hook em, make em splash or pull, then bink, Long distance release.....You see Mike, my skills are such that I can feel that it is a native and at that point I just let em go.:D
  18. First good laugh of the day.


    Oh how I CAN RELATE!!:rofl:
  19. I like those long distance releases. One smokin run and a jump or two is enough for me. If the fish gets off after that then I don't have to get my creaky old frame down in the water to the fish's level to let them go.
    To me, unless you plan to eat the fish once you've moved the fish to your fly you've won the round.
  20. Poppy,

    I totally argree. I love the take! it is all about the Take!!! I can feel it my fingers, my elbows, and in my toes every frikin time I think about those damn fish. Fall is near...oh yes, fall is near.

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