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  1. Glad to hear about the guide's and client's good etiquette. Also happy to hear you weren't bashing their conduct. Was kind of laughing though because I was on the river in my wooden drift boat (cream painted hull/natural wood interior) taking 3 women on an eagle float my wife donated in a charity auction for a Chimpanzee sanctuary in Cle Elum. Pulled over and set up a stove to make a hot shore lunch and while the soup was warming, I found myself in a scene similar to what you described. Couple of eagle rafts came by, couple of side drifters in a pontoon boat, couple of gear guys in a raft and a couple of walkins. Kind of entertaining to watch for a while and then it was all over. Even though I didn't have my rods along, I had a very memorable day providing an unforgettable experience for some very enthusiastic and appreciative birders.
  2. Calvin:

    Nothing to report other than what you read above. Then again, what do you expect in January in the upper river? You coming before they shut down 2/15? House (and boat) are available if you plan to. RR
  3. I wish. I can't make it this year. I am headed to Argentina the beginning of March to chase some Sea Trout. Thanks for the offer though...hopefully next year. If you will be over here at all this summer give me a shout.

  4. Wasn't you Riverrun - we were on the lower river. :)
  5. DoubleSpey:

    I figured that since I was serving Vegan Minnestrone not BBQ and all the activity that entertained me was raft based!

    There has certainly been a lot of pressure on the river in anticipation of the early closing. I find it funny that people seem to correlate good fishing with an emergency closure. I'll be on the river this weekend because I have a place on the river and because any day in a wooden boat floating the river is better than working. Besides, I wasn't invited to Argentina. RR
  6. Was he a fairly tall guy? If so, a good guy, respectful, always has a smile, a hand shake and willing to share information. Also his grilled burgers smell really good. Never had one but have thought about crashing his shore lunches a couple of times.
  7. Kerry - sounds like the guide. Younger dude i've never run into before. Seemed friendly and knowledgable about the river from our short conversation. Those burgers did smell good, and it's nice to see some fly guides still offering that perk.

    Years ago on the Yakima my dad and I would book a couple floats a year with the only flyfishing guide on the river (@that time). Tim would always grill up some amazing feast for our lunch and was always a highlight of the trip. Steaks, garlic bread, and marinaded steamed veggies were a favorite.

    Damn . . . is it lunchtime yet.


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