Skagit float question.

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  1. Hey guys. It's been years since I've been on the Skagit in a boat and those were always big sleds. My question is. Can I float from either swift creek to steelhead park or steelhead park to fabers in a low profile flyfishing style drift boat (RO Deville)? As I said it's been a long time thinking there might have been some pretty heavy water coming into the mixer? Is my memory playing tricks? If there is heavy water can I stay to the side and get by in my lo pro? Dont recall there being anything remotely scary on the upper float I mentioned. Any info you could give would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. I don't think you would have any trouble with either drift.
  3. I agree with _WW_ - I would float the HMSP to Faber's or you could look at Faber's to Concrete/Baker River. That might get you some more time on the sticks, a little more water too - stay to the right of the big island just above Jackman creek. Its your call - be fishy, be safe, and enjoy the Skagit
  4. Appreciate the quick responses guys. Kind of wanted to just do some shorter floats so I can get out of the boat and swing some good runs.
  5. I have floated the Skagit many times in my canoe and a little 7' Achilles rubber ducky without incident. Piece of cake unless you don't belong in your own boat.

  6. no worries you could float those sections with a aluminum cartopper, if it seems a bit heavy just slide up against the slower side bank.
  7. Sjagit is now closed below Rockport.
  8. wait you can still fish the skagit?
  9. Still open from Rockport to Marblemount until the 15th, as is the lower part of the Cascade. The areas around hatcheries are still open on most of the S-rivers.
  10. i knew the s-rivers part

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