Skagit iFlight and Scandi Short Int.

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Evan Burck, Nov 4, 2013.

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    It appears as though the enthusiastic interest in intermediates comes mostly from anglers that haven't had prior experience in fishing full-sink type of lines. Of course, for us older generation steelheaders, that full-sink experience was mandatory because, they were for some time, the only choice that was available for fishing a fly deeply. Then, the revelation of "control" via sinking TIP lines was discovered and most of us older generation anglers never looked back at full-sink lines again! It will be interesting in the future to see how many of the current generation steelheaders, after accruing more onstream experience, revert back to sink tip lines.
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    A portion of the head floats, and (I assume in most cases) the running line floats as well. I use hollow mono shooting line. One of the real advantages of the intermediate head is that you get more line sunk without using a longer tip. Swing rate change is really remarkable too. I could make up why it swings lower, I have my suspicions (I seem to recall surface current is often the fastest), but honestly I'd be making it up.

    Another point that should not be lost is that I have found it slightly easier to cast a 550gr iFlight with 10' of T-11 or T-14 over a 550gr Skagit short with the same heads, on the same water. It anchors better. Others who less anchor woes than "Captain spazz" (Me) might find it basically the same. With tips I throw a downstream loop to get the tip on top before doing the 2 handed cast. I have not had to change anything about my casting to accommodate the iFlight.

    I've certainly not fished a full sinker for steelhead, and I offer my condolences to anyone who has, it seems like it would be a miserable experience. Kind of like double haul casting with WF lines. Ewwww....

    I'll still be using Scandi shorts and regular Skagits in places where it makes more sense. But when it's deep or it's cold and I want to slow it down...I'm quickly becoming a iFlight groupie.

    iFlight may not be for everyone, and in two years I personally will probably be doing something else...but if you you want to get down/slow down its worth a look. I would not have tried it on my own, but I am glad someone handed me a rod and let me try.
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    1. 1.
      form a mental image of; imagine.
      "it is not easy to visualize the future"

    You don't need to see your fly to visualize how it's working.
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    That's an interesting thought. This reminds me to two separate "takes" on sink tips over time. I recall Jimmy Green one time saying that the perfect sink tip would be a floating line that floats high to its very end, connected to a sink tip that hangs vertically, like split shot, to the fly, for maximum line control and presentation. Then a decade or so ago Ed Ward mentioned his two most-used tips, 6 and 9' of T-14 (which is what led to development of the MOW tips). The shorter the sinking section of line, the less line that was under less control than the floating line sections. I agree with that altho I prefer longer tips (Rio 15') because they cast better for me.

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    What would people recommend for head weight for a Deer Creek 13' 7/8 ?
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    probably 500 or 575
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    I had a fun time not catching steelhead in a coastal river this weekend that was running evian clear. I could see the fly moving the entire swing as I was standing on a high bank.

    10ft of t8 and 3ft of leader to an unweighted fly. The tip sunk down, the fly stayed up until about 6/8ths of the swing.

    Cut the leader to about 18in and I was in business. Makes me wonder how much actual "fishing" I've been doing all this time.
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    i watch skagit master 2 every day, just to remind myself that im doing it wrong
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    I don't think my fragile self esteem could take the unrelenting mirror of a Skagit Master DVD.
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    On the Deer Creek 7/8 13', I would try a 510g.

    As a general rule drop down 30 grains from what you're using in a Skagit Compact. I've got a 510g I-Airflo if you want to try it.
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    what do you recommend for a Echo 7129-4, 12.9' 7 weight rod ? printed on the rod is "Grains 480-590" . was looking at Scandi lines from 31' to 34' foot length. this will be a learning thing for me, new to spey casting.
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    That is a great starting point. Find your rod on there and see what it recommends. Speypages is also a great resource...just cuz Rio says buy X line doesn't mean its the best.
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    Skyrise, your best bet is to head down the street to Mill creek and pay Pacific Fly Fishers a visit. They have a pond behind the shop, and will let you test some lines out. No idea what you're doing? I'm sure someone will gladly step outside to chat you up and get some vitamin D while you're getting sorted out.

    Otherwise Aaron Reimer has his casting clinic on the Snoqualmie nearly every Saturday morning, and costs nothing more than your time and gas.

    This chart may be helpful to some:
  14. Danielocean Steelhead Virgin

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    I run 525 skagit head on mine. I will sell you the rod and the line both. PM me if you are intersted.
  15. skyrise Active Member

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    thanks for advice guys. Daniel, i just purchased the rod. So should i take it back ? maybe order a TFO ?
    Got the rod at Cabelas (gift thing). they didn't have any TFO spey rods at the time. would need to order one if the Echo is not worth keeping ???? The Sage rods are out of my budget.
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    I have cast daniel's echo. It is a sweet stick.
  17. Danielocean Steelhead Virgin

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    Sent u a pm. The echo is just fine.
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    daniel, sent reply. ok learning time now with the echo. if the rivers stay open that is !