Skagit Master 3- worth it?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by stilly stalker, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. I tie all my own flies....I tie damn good flies, and I catch lots of fish on my flies. Is Skagit Master 3 worth it for someone already proficient in the art of the bunny leech, prawn, intruder, squid-ro, prom dress, etc? Is there any real new insight you cant glean from seeing a fly pic on STS or similar? Vol 1 & 2 were definitely worth the $, but if all 3 has going for it is fly tying insight, I might just skip it
  2. The Tom Larimer portion of the vid was very good - I liked the reverse marabou and how it looks in the water. The Ward and Howell tying sessions both were from SM1 and SM2 retreads. I would try and get it used or on sale.
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  3. The fly tying is great, but you can find so much stuff on the internet about tying. So I would not just buy it for that. What I did appreciate is each person that they featured had a fly they liked and some insight into steelhead fishing. So I would recommend it. If it does not float your boat you could easly sell it.
  4. Nice, thanks for the opinion. I knowthe "masters" always have something new to teach, but I feel like in the race to have their name linked to the "it" fly, a lot of secret patterns see daylight pretty quickly
  5. Secret patterns? Oh dear. Like the ones tied out of Wookie fur?
  6. In the PNW they are called Bigfoot, not wookies
  7. and you thought Rhea was a pricey fly material
  8. It must be the scent. I've smelled them on the river :)
  9. What's left to learn?
  10. thats my there anything truly insightful about SM3?

    To give credit where credit it due however....I started catching a LOT more winter fish when I learned about Ed Wards intruder. I started catching a LOT more Chinook as well. I could cast them on the single hand far easier than a 6" chunk of moist rabbit pelt, and I truly feel that it an EXTREMELY insightful and effective pattern.
    But like I said earlier, I didnt need SM1 to teach me how to tie it

    Im just really wondering about the amount of useful insight in the video
  11. Can't you got to Avid Anger and rent it??
  12. Oh that I could, San Diego is now my permanent home, and I only make it back to WA a time or 2 a season to fish. I was there for Steelhead opener on the NF Stilly, did some Coho last month too, and wont likely be back till December. Then again in March. Fly fishing shops are few and far between down here, everyone is pretty much gear and bait for bottomfish and pelagics
  13. Lots of good fly water down there and a few good shops pretty close by. Shoot me a PM if you want and I can point you to a few things...
  14. Corbina on the beach can be pretty fun as well.

    PM sent about SM3.
  15. i just moved from san diego. i loved crushing the spotted bay bass, sand bass, and corbina. Such great saltwater fishing to be had from a float tube. Not to mention from MArch on you can be in board shorts shirtless with the chance of seeing some Boobies on the bay:D
  16. True story, but much less so now that they banned drinking on the beach.

  17. :(
  18. I definitely love the year round bikini hatch down here. Epic.
    Ill be taking my pontoon boat out to a lagoon for some halibit/corbina/ bass action this weekend I think
  19. so is the Intruder a series of flys or one single pattern ?
    and do you guys follow a pattern or just do what looks good ?
    just started making this fly up and i have copied what i have found in magazines and online.
    and i am wondering how much weight (bead head/barbell) to go with ?
    i have fished my one single tie so far with barbell eyes and it seemed to fish ok.
  20. intruder is a style of fly .Everyone ties them differently

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