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  1. Fished with good buddy John Farrar and his boat "Bella" today. I fished a fresh out-of-the-tube prototype Helios 8wt switch rod with a 6/7 AFS head, fast sink polyleader and a purple Keen's Magic. At 10:30 AM, in 38 degree water, I got a good solid grab from a hatchery buck that jumped three times and put the eleven footer through some good hoops.

    John hustled down from the head and took a couple shots with his dead battery camera. Luckily, a fellow WFF board member, Sean, was there with his camera. Maybe he'll be able to post up the shot in this thread.

    Fish on,
  2. Now that is a sweet report, crisp, concise and full of words that let your mind paint a picture...and if Sean gets one posted we can see how well Lelands descriptors truly are.

    Thanks for sharing some positive report mojo!
  3. Way to go Leland and John! When I called you this morning, I knew I was missing out on a good day to fish. Nice Work boyz!!!!
  4. SWEET!!! Can't wait to see some pics!
  5. Leland must have finally won a coin flip? Congrats! :beer2:
  6. Keen's Magic flies are fun to tie--the "Stilly" version was in NW Flyfishing a couple of years ago. Since I haven't made the switch to tubes, I've tied them on regular hooks and one experimental Wadd shank version. They look so fishy! I assume a purple one is a "Sakgit Magic?"

    Leland, any bull trout show up as well?

  7. I was on the river last Monday and one of the guys caught a nice dollie (a nicer name for such a pretty fish). Also, one of my customers caught eight a few days ago.

  8. Yes, I agree that "Dolly" is a much nicer name than "bull trout," though the latter is technically correct. I tried using "Bully" for a while, but it never sounded right. I think I'll stick with dolly for common usage, and leave the nit-picking on technicalities (my occasional guilt) to others.

    I'll be on the Sauk tomorrow--a bit early for SH, maybe--what color would a "Sauk Magic" be?

  9. Sounds like a great day Leland. John is a cool guy I got to fish the yak with him a few years back had a great time. Congrats on the hook up..
  10. The fly is 2/0 Keen's Magic Sauk Purple.

  11. Sorry for the delay Leland. Hope you and John enjoyed the rest of your day.


  12. That is just horrible, because I wasn't there to join you blokes. Congrats Leland.
  13. That's one long and shiny dude. Good on ya.
  14. Shawn,

    Thanks for posting the photo. I'm sorry I misspelled your name. Hope you were able to get back there again to see if another fish moved into the newly vacated spot.

    I'll be getting back there again Wednesday with John

  15. Way to go Leland. I've been wanting to fish with John for quite a while, I always enjoy his company at Patrick's.
  16. John is a good friend and we fish together as often as our schedules permit. The man knows his river. Let me amend that - John knows as much as you can about the Skagit as it lets you. The river changes with each flood and yesterday was a day of exploration for places that he will take his clients. We fished some new little slots that weren't there a couple months ago.

    Yesterdays fish had the most translucent, rosy caudal and anal fins of any steelhead I can remember.

  17. We use to call them pecker fish, strip them in as fast as we could than let them go to eat up the steelies eggs. Now they are protected, Why? They have always been predators these little dollie varden trout but they eat up a lot of wild steelhead eggs. The last steelhead egg will probably be eaten by a dollie.
  18. All fish are forage for other fish or other critters. Eat and or be eatten. It's a rough world out there.
  19. For some reason we call them Lizard Fish...not sure why.. I think we were spying on some guys 8 or so years ago and heard one of them call a dolly a lizard fish.

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