Skagit/Sauk: Last Hurrah

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by miyawaki, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Marty Leith

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    Can't hold back. I hooked fish every month this season but come on now...there's what 4 months at best in our season up there?? It wasn't many but I did hook fish each month. I did not have the opportunity to fish 4 times a week but I do have mobility on the river = sled. I didn't land many fish this year and overall hookup to hours on the water ratio sucked. It's easy to be skeptical of reports like Lelands but I've had more than one day where I've lost 3 or more in a day's fishing. That Saturday, I hooked 3, played 2 (one pig) and landed a nice hen at the end of the day all in different sections of the river. My partner that day did better and I'll leave it at that. This does not change the fact that (in the words of Dylan Tomine) we truly are "fishing for crumbs" Hope next season is better for all including the fish...
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    what a worthy thread!
  3. HauntedByWaters

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    Very pretty hen Marty!

    Is that your fly on your vest in that picture? I found one of those below the rockpiles across from Birdsview. Identical looking. I liked the way it fished! Sparse and deadly!

    Oh man I am in withdrawals already and it has only been a week........

    Moving to Oregon right now. See you on OFF.
  4. Jeremy Floyd

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    You will thank yourself for moving after a steelhead season in Oregon.
  5. Marty Leith

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    Thanks Jason. Yes on the fly - it worked pretty well for me this year although I owe Nathan at Avid for that fish. She couldn't resist his purple Keen's Magic - textbook hookup about 60 feet out on the 45.

    I was waist deep...probably stepped on her as I worked my way down...:D
  6. HauntedByWaters

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    I am only moving for 5 days this year. Maybe a week or 2 next year. ;)

    Marty, you and your buddies obviously have some magic in a bottle. I need to go fishing with you sometime and maybe learn something new.

    Since we are sharing....

    I went with Coach's advise to go deep with T14. Guess what it got me? I springer in the last week of the season, first springer I ever caught on the fly and I thought I had finally connected to my April steelhead but it was an XXL football. It fought exactly like a steelhead and the runs were epic with some jumps way out there. Had no clue it wasn't a bow until it was 10 feet away, all I saw was chrome:
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    Nice Springer man! Coach told you to use T-14? No way, Surely it was only 2-3 ft right?
  8. Randall Dee

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    Yeah man, nice fish! Pretty rod too. Is it a Meiser?
  9. miyawaki

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    You already have. I believe you went out with Brian Lencho, aka doublespey.

    On the fly, Keen's Magic. I think I've caught my last four Skagit fish, including the 20+ pounder last December, on Mr. Nathan's fly.

  10. doublespey

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    Nope - never fished with Jason. And BTW, nice Springer. They're always a suprise.

    Keens Magic is a nice fly - Leland has certainly worn out a few on hungry steelhead. That's about all he'll fish until August. ;)

    Tight Lines!

  11. KerryS

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    24 more days....................
  12. Marty Leith

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    Nice spring. Nothing new on the technique side from me or my buddies...same set up as you. Post all your Oregon fish so we have something to dream about up here
  13. Coach Duff

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    Nothing new or different? Are you shitting me? Winter steelheading is very complex stuff aint it? Come on young Jedi make em think there's something secret about catching steelhead!:D Come on Marty don't you remember the secret flies, the special techniques, the rolling of the chicken bones, the burning of the rum? And this is the thanks I get for saving you that day in that fly shop. After 30 years? I showed you the "Dark Side"! Keep nailing em and I'll be home soon. See ya soon. Kiss my Hardys goodnight for me tonight and tuck in my books. Duffer
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