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  1. It's a good thing I miss the Kingston ferry today, I was going to drive over to the OP to fish the hoh for the day. But as faith have it, I did not realize there's no 1am ferry. like last year. So excited to finally have some decent weather on my weekend. After saw Kerry photo; Decided to hit the sauk and skagit instead, for the first time this glad I did.. Here's a few pictures.

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  2. No pics! Is this some sick joke?!
  3. Sorry.. Can't figure how to upload from iPad...have to use an laptop..
  4. THAT is a gorgeous buck!!!
  5. Beautiful fish and pics. Congrats, you and the dog had one hell of a day!
  6. nice fish man
  7. Imagine doing this in March and April - great photos and wonderful Wild Skagit Buck.
  8. Love the shot of the tial
  9. Very cool.

  10. Super sweet. It gives one hope to have the opportunity for such an experience from November through the end of April. Congrats and hopefully these 'early' natives (the past two years) are the sign of something good happening, long term survival wise, which in turn can only help the odds of getting that full length season back.

  11. Very nice, fate intervenes!
  12. Thanks everyone for the kind remarks and PM......

    Never did I aspected a day like this; at first light caught an beautiful bull at the Sauk, whack fought like an stilly, though it was a stilly for few minute, till I got in close.. Thinking it's an great day already, after an hour, took off to the skagit above rockport, there were couple vehicle at swift creek,so decide to go to my not so secret spot. Didn't see any car in the takeoff, walk into the river about an mile, noooo, someone on the Run. So walk up and ask to fish above him, very nice gentleman, he told me he's been this run couple times already, but nothing. I wasn't discourage, I plan to eat my lunch and smoke an cigar and make couple run and go home watch some football.

    About halfway down the run, fell the head shake on the dangle, bam she took off at me, stripe fast, finally caught up to her, get her to bend, an nice hatchery brat.was messing with my phone camera, Emmie( my dog) jump in, way she goes. Kinda bummer, was hoping for some sashimi.

    So took an break, light up the cigar, jump back in the hole, this part of the river, I has hook couple last year, water was swinging perfect, cast out the sloppies cast, ooh well just mended couple time, almost at the hang out "Bammm" took the line into the backing in few second, heading down stream, shock me for a second , didn't need to set the hook, he was definitely hook good, so try to pull the rod up a little , it leap out of the water few times, and couldnt believe my eyes, this monster, with only 10lb leader, couldn't muscle him in, couldn't move him for at least ten minute, at that time I was cramping up on my legs and fell into the river, did realize how cold, till I play him down about couple hundred yard down stream. And finally got him close and saw him up close.. Never took so much time landing a fish, but it was worth it.. Not my biggest, but the best fought fish..

    Wish I could have took better pictures, was out of breath and cold, didn't realize the lens of the phone was dirty and frog up, just measure my rod and found out it's measure just an couple hair short of 40"..
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  13. Awesome fish. What an amazing an beautiful buck. Got me more than a little jealous !
  14. Dreamonafly - gorgeous fish and a great write-up....thanks!

    Chris D and Inland - unfortunately, the Sauk and Skagit below Rockport close Jan 31st, and the Skagit from Rockport to Marblemount closes Feb 15th this year. Gone, but not forgotten, are the days of fishing for these wild, magnificent creatures in March and least for the foreseeable future.
  15. Unfortunately all too aware! Check out 'occupy skagit'. Hopefully a way to get the ball rolling in our favor again. Certainly not forgotten, hopefully new memories will be made instead of reliving old ones!

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  16. Stunning buck, thanks for sharing your day.

    Well done.

  17. Awesome report Jimmy! Congrats on a great day and an amazing fish!

  18. Yep, I've been following the Occupy Skagit thread and FB page....both great opportunities to coordinate those of us passionate about this beautiful watershed and the fish and wildlife that inhabit it.
  19. awesome Jimmy! congrats!

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