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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Evan Burck, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. The FF 45 is fantastic in tight quarters and with tips I think it could possibly out perform the multi-tip Delta Spey as an all around jack of all trades line.

    Oh an no Ted Neguent references... I cannot describe how much of a talentless monkey spanking tool I think he is. :D
  2. If a Delta is a standard short belly line, around 50-55' depending on weight, that should be a good all around Spey line. I use short bellys for floating line fishing, less line stripping, great mending, although not as good in the wind for me. But then, wind always trips up my casting.

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  6. I don't sweat it...

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  7. Don't worry Ian, If I could grow mine that long I would have...but since it turned artic blond the shit grows sideways and I end up looking like grandpa off the old munsters tv show...
  8. It's ok... for some reason I was a little red assed yesterday... I hope to keep my hair until I become the "Anti-Clause" and threaten my grand children with no presents :D.

    And Rolf the next time I'm down on the Klick I'll bring my Fall Favorite 45 and you can give it whirl. It's the only full floater that I like better than the Delta Spey. If I had one cut for tips that would be totally awesome.
  9. Skagit, Scandi, compacts, short belly and long belly lines all have their place. The Delta is a great all around line. Learn to use and cast them all.
  10. AMEN on that BRO! N I'm a mich hillbilly too.

    Anyway--have to agree w/where this thread is going at this point.
    The Nextcast WA's are a truelly SMOKIN do it all line. The 45 and the 55 WA's can handle just about any fishing (casting) situation that one will prbly face while steelheading.

    Run both of those on pair a Scott LS2 1408's in the 8/9 wt.
    On a 15ft 8/9 MKS the 55ft WA in 9/10 is absolutely amazing! That combo can throw feathered chipmunks on Rio 9wt sinktips a country mile.

    If I was restricted to one line only it would be a 45 or 55ft WA.
  11. put my WA 55' thru basic training on the wenatchee, its ready for war on the klick this next week!! my hands down favorite long line is a GPS cnd line, i also use a CND comp. line @ 970gr. on the 15'clearwater and cuts threw heavy wind well!......all the way to the otherside:) have fun out there boys, become a great caster and no line will hold ya back. i do have to say my wife has been throwing ridunkulus laser beams of 80' plus last couple times out on the compact skandi.....has more talent then most ive seen. it takes alot to have me stop and admire someones casting, most just flail around, arms to far out, shitty d loops, etc.... its workin, but hey no one knocked Lee Trevino for his golf stroke:) @ not everyone is a Tiger!

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