skagit vs. the world.

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Panhandle, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. yellowlab

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    And then a guy walks up with a single hander and completes his swing just 3 feet from the shoreline and nails a bright 30"... Who the hell cares!
  2. Panhandle

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    Salmo, that's kind of the most ironic thing about all this bullshit.....Very few two handed casters that I have witnesses are actually what I would consider "good, " and I could count them on one and a half hands.
  3. golfman65

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    yeah with a pink worm shitting an egg no less....some people can't figure out how to swing or that fish will take a swung fly and that's why were out there...might as well buy a pin for your set up and stop pretending...
  4. yellowlab

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    No, with any classic steelhead pattern. One doesn't need spey rod to catch fish on the swing, just sayin'... Yeah, if you want to look cool, you can throw all the double handed stuff, but fish don't care what you throw or how its done. All they care is for the location and presentation. My point was that it can be done just as well on the single hander as it is on the spey, might not look as nice as that double spey. Don't get your panties into a wad over it.
  5. Big Tuna

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    I'm glad no one on this site gets into those kinds of pissing matches. It's hard to believe anyone would waste their time arguing over long bellies vs. skagit. That argument is almost as stupid as single hand vs. spey or nymphing vs. swinging. Nothing but intelligent debates around these parts.
  6. bennysbuddy

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    I knew I was mental challanged & subhuman, but the line I use was handmade at a fly shop in MT.Vernon within view of the skagit river, this was well before the term skagit line was introduced as a marketing tool, SO is my line a pre skagit rabbit leach jacking line or just what should I call it.
  7. Philster

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    I hear you. My first "skagit" line was a so called Launcher line I picked up at the Fly Fishing Shoppe in Welches Oregon in the '90s. I was throwing it on sage 9126-3. I had my rod hanging from the ceiling in the shop, because they were still very rare down in California, and it generated interest and guide bookings, though not many sales. Everybody who knew what they were talking about just kept telling me "30 foot line? 12.5 foot rod? that's not a steelhead outfit! You need a 14 or 15 footer! And a DT cut for tips! Nobody in their right mind would fish a 30 foot line on a 12.5 foot rod!" Skip forward 13 or 14 years, and what do ya know! :rofl::rofl:
  8. Dan Page

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    I'm quite sure anyone who masters the long line, or the scandi, or the skagit system can fish equally with one another. The pissing matches start by someone needing to defend their system.
    I use em all, but do have my preference.
  9. Philster

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    The funniest thing that proves this to be true, is Dana over at speypages ended up using a scandi power stroke, even on long bellies, because of an injury.
  10. guybg

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    Damn...does this mean that if you happen by while I'm fishing nymphs, I won't get a sip of your single malt?:beathead:
  11. yuhina

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    Open up another thread and trash talking about another LOCKED thread from the other forum? in public?

    Why not just go THERE and open up another thread? Most interested audiences are there... from east, west, and atlantic group...
  12. Salmo_g

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    Yeah, it is a little bit like when talk radio gets its fodder from other talk radio, and then that radio show gets its fodder talking about what the other show had to say about its stories, and back and forth and back and forth. Kinda' cheap and cheezy. But each forum has a slightly different constituency, and you get to see a topic from another perspective some times.

  13. Philster

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    Well, it's no surprise that topics like that heat up over there. There are folks on there who have literally pushed the industry, resulting in the rods and more importantly lines we're fishing today. To say they are "really into the gear" doesn't begin to describe it. And we should be grateful.
  14. guybg

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    Was Voldemort a spey caster...and were any of his horcruxes disguised as old Hardy or Dingle reels?

    (sorry, couldn't help myself...):rolleyes:
  15. Is this really worth the energy? Fish what works for you and your casting style. I would encourage everyone to become good at casting all different types of lines just to improve your ability. But when is comes down to it do what feels good, that is what it is really all about.
  16. Mark Speer

    Mark Speer It's all good.....

    iagreeiagreeiagree No balls to chime in over there that's why it was started here....
  17. Panhandle

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    I just looked at it last night, mark. Its been closed for I don't know how long. If you want to start shot, like you usually do, go ahead
  18. Mark Speer

    Mark Speer It's all good.....

    I don't start shot do. I said it was over... your the one who continues...analize that!
  19. Leroy Laviolet

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    You remind me of myself a bit Mark, my condolences !
    They only get pissed when yer get'n warm :rofl: BWAHAHA !!
  20. dreamonafly

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    ditto paul:

    i'm with you with this one, "except might not look as nice". a 7wt 9ft single handed rod is and should be the only rod for stilly IMHO.. catching a fish under 15lb on a spey rod is a little over kill,(remind of a meat rod).. on the other hand, a single handed you are in a fight of your life even if it a 5 pounder..