skagit vs. the world.

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  1. Think 4 weight trout rod dryline casting next time. You can't load the rod, but you can throw tight little dry fly lazer loops by tip casting, throwing the weight of the line like yarn off the end of a stick. You can't do a real spey cast, you just want to get things in about the same position before your forward delivery, but remember you have no load, so make like Hermione doing Wingardium Leviosa. Swish and flick!
  2. Bruce,

    Mohlin is just a little "symbolic" encouragement that I sincerely offer here... to encourage everybody post up their "positive energy", to participate this discussion and better, a little gift to the brave and good caster that show us the good! "All for the good" is what are we doing here... nothing to do with the prize's value. Look around who is posting in this thread in WFF? No much newbie throwing junks, right! Why?, because we are getting serious about this thread. Weather the gift is valuable or not; it just a symbol that tell people WE ARE SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR DEBATE WITH PHILSTER

    Yes, you can keep going on and on about the verbal debating... "I can do this, I know some people can do this..." what is the point?? It seems (to me), you are more interested in polarizing and engaging in debate per se than educating people. YES, I BELIEVE YOU CAN DO THIS, seriously, but most importantly, I WANT TO SEE AND LEARN HOW YOU DO IT. Don't you think this is your responsibility to show people how to do it after all those talking? don't you think it is the best solution to sweep off all the doubtful thinking. or you just like keep... talking...

  3. Mark,
    I do teach at the Claves that I demo at and the greatest joy that I have when I am guideing is when the client tells me that he learned alott during our time fishing. Video clips mean very little compared to up close and personal teaching. You want to learn??? Book a trip with me and you will learn lots ;-) or come to one of the Claves that I am at.
    I was not belittling the Mohlin fine reel in its right but without being attacked for being `one of those guys` I prefer my old Perfects.
    So Mark the balls in your court and btw if I am too far away and you have an open mind about learning I can recomend several casters for your long belly journey.
    Where did your peacock go?????
  4. I think it's trying to tell you something... [​IMG] :rofl:
  5. Wow Philster is that what I get for trying to have a constructive discussion????????
    Here is a quite from a e-mail I got concerning all this.......Bruce, Yeah you worthless goober for not spending hours and hours of taking time to shoot decent vids to teach them. Hehehehehehehehehe!!!!!
  6. So you're out fishing, and the water changes to a 200 hundred foot wide, even flow, perfect riffle with orange to big ass pumpkin sized rocks. It's only a hundred or so yards long. You going to change lines? And while you're futzing around let someone low hole you, which would be fine, because you aren't even in the water, and you're messing with your gear. You going to leave on the skagit and fish no more than 8 pulls? two less than Ed? How skagitmaster-y of you!

    We are men of action...
  7. I thought a guy who made jokes would recognize one! I've enjoyed our exchange. You think it was easy to find a pic of a peacock ass? Consider it a token of my respect for you!
  8. Ok just a little touchy after the attack from yahhhhhooooooona lol.
    Gotcha good one and yep finding good pics to Zing people can be trying.
  9. So, what about the benefits of working your fly back up the bank from 80' to 45' to make your cast. I can't speak from personal experience, but I bet a LOT of steelhead are caught doing this. Lots of fish hold close to the bank, right? And having to strip the fly that 40 feet or so up the close holding lane keeps you fishing that much longer, and in a lane KNOWN to be prime holding water, especially in the winter. Losing out on that seems like it wold be DISADVANTAGE in covering water most effectively.
    I bet a lot more fish get to take a look at the fly this way. And especially if they re holding just outside of the path of your fly, multiple more fish can potentially be targeted versus picking up for another cast with all that belly out there, and avoiding them completely. I realize if youre covering water effectively you should have already covered that water, but the stripping in of skagit casting allows you to cover it again, in a way that presents the fly differently from the way it was covered before
  10. Attack??

    I am confused?!
    All I try to do is to convince myself you are not a fake. What kind of attack?
    The peacock is a great joke in our field. But I realized it is a bit too deep for the audience here... it is a simple idea from sexual selection that telling people "signal is only important if it mean something" do you know what I am talking about? see.... that is the main reason I remove it ...

  11. I thought your original peacock photo was funny actually the attack was when you called me out about not teaching what I preach.
    Mark, so when can I book you for a trip or as of right now I am booked to do the Redshed clave and I think the Michael and Young clave this spring, see you there???
  12. Philster,

    that's a good and Rare photo indeed. Believe it or not. A recent research have shown that a male peacock will adjust their display directions to female depends on the light direction! Is that cool or what?! : )
  13. never mind, I got too many beers....
  14. :thumb::thumb: Looking forward to it even more now!
  15. Well MaRk Speer I look forward to seeing you as well. Last year was the first Redshed clave that I did not give a demo at cuz of a new job, I was bummed.
  16. Wish I can make it... I will try...
  17. Hey Bruce. I actually do have quite a bit of experience, and at my peak could single spey every commercially available longbelly off my weakside. So I understand a critical issue in this discussion:

    Unfishable position, means different things to different people. I know. Accept. And feel no jealousy over the fact that what is unfishable to me with a long and what is unfishable for you are two different things. I saw Mike Maxwell make a cast that frankly looked like he was a knight, trying to stab a dragon in the heart. No fulcrum whatsoever. All stabbing motion. Ugly as death backin' out a shithouse door holding a copy of Mad Magazine. But he came damn close to straightening the line, and got 50 feet with no line ever passing alongside him, let alone behind him. Part of that was a function of his skills, and part of that was a function of the rods he designed.

    So, how about we shift this discussion to mechanics instead. With modern fast action rods, what do you do when you can get minimal load, and hardly any, to no line behind you, or even more importantly, your line and anchor are out in front? What is the stroke like? Are you pushing out with both hands cocked as far as you can, then applying a fulcrum? Do you fulcrum first with no forward drift, and then thrust the tip as far as possible? Or do you not have a set go to technique, and just determine what each rod needs?

    But seriously, the scenario that's in my head... Never mind:clown:
  18. Mark 10 trips would be over 6grand sooooo do you really want to go there.
    I have seen your videos and you are a fine skagit caster to say the least but to say that video does justice to any teaching of casting compared to hands on, is like saying the those with a thci are the be all to end all in casting instructers but that would be another thread just as the mechanics of long belly casting is.
    Its just casting for goodness sake some of the best advise I ever got concerning casting was from one wise incredible caster from Scotland when he said dont worry about grn weight matched up and elbow down or up or whatever technique........ just get it out there.
    You should talk to Ed about fishing up my way he had a pretty good time last time he was up.
  19. Philster, now this is more like it. No need to give me your credentials btw:thumb:
    First of all I am not a big fan of fast action rods and prefer more traditional actions and do not fish any rod shorter than 15ft and a 17ftr is my go to rod. The big rods help in tight situations against the bank and yes I know you could argue that they wont work under trees but I just kind of make them work, like I said before hard is fun.
    I alluded to doing the difficult casts in my last post but basic fundamentals and good timing as you know are the keys, dosnt really matter what line systems you are using. Very hard for me to explain mechanics here as I am much better at articulating in person and seeing what needs to be adjusted in a persons cast and that is where video is lacking in my opinion.
  20. Bruce,

    Thank you to the kind response compare to my previous childish writing! I apologize for that and .... I am still drinking... : )
    I agree with you... I always try to cast some "impossible lines" -- out of recommended grain... just try to push the mechanic boundary and to "have some fun"...

    OK, here is the famous peacock photo


    The original idea of sexual selection is from Charles Darwin TOO.
    He mentioned male grow the fancy feather to obtain the advantage to attract the females... even it carries a little advantage in survival (Natural selection, his own invention too). And this photo is just making fun of that!

    Thanks Bruce! Looking forward to meet you!


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