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  1. I have been cruising around the south side of the Skagit shooting. Wondered into a small wooded area and was watching a group of fishermen plying their trade. On one set they pulled in five Coho, the largest about eight or nine pounds. The silvers are here!!!

    Sample shot of where I was exploring.

  2. Where does this trail lead??
  3. The river.
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  4. Hey, that goes to the "secret spot." What were you doing in there? Did my "no trespassing, survivors will be shot again" sign fall down or somethin'?
  5. Damn Salmo, somebody must have taken your sign down and replaced it with their's.
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  6. I'm floating the Skagit tomorrow, actually. Quite enjoy it this time of year. Bring on the predicted lightning storms!
  7. Do I detect a hint of sarcasm here?
  8. No sarcasm.
  9. If that is the trail I'm thinking of, I was going there tomorrow but not sure now with this storm coming in. Bet I have been down that trail 50 times over the years. Lots of good memories and fish caught there. And because it is a pretty good hike in, usually not lots of people either.

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