Skating Dries for Trash Fish

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  1. Tonight when the popper got no love I tied on the dry fly I had so much luck with earlier in the week casting to rising fish. Since there were no fish rising I just tossed it to the pads and let it sit, then skated it back so it created a V but not going under.

    All of a sudden there were fish everywhere, I must of caught 40-50 in an hour with the largest a LMB at about 12". I would say the average size was 6-8". Incredibly fun even on a 5wt, I can see a 3 wt or 2wt in my future.

    Anybody else out there skate dries for panfish? Is a 2wt to small for the occasional 1lb+ bass?
  2. Yes-a green but black gnat has worked well in the evenings---I have a 2 wt. powell that I made a number of years ago that does nicely for small bass and pan fish. Will not through poppers very well. Once fish consistently go over 1 lb, I would tend to use my heavier rods.
  3. LMB are trash fish?
  4. Most of them were not LMB, and yeah on this forum they are trash fish :D
  5. I twitched a #12 yellow stimulator for panfish once. Had a Bluegill the size of my hand nail it and dive back down under the lilly pads. Put a good bend in my 6 wt!
    I'd fish for Bluegills more often if I knew where some were closer to me.. Crappie and Smallies,too. But I agree that LMB are just trash fish.:D I can go fish for some dandy 10" to 12" fat Peamouth Chubs with my 3 or 4 wt gear, and that's pretty trashy! They will take dries, especially at low tide! Nothing bigger than a size 12, so they can get it in their small round mouths (about the size of a large pea). For wets, a # 10 softhackle is about as big as will hook them easily. I get about 20 hits on a #8 Reversed Spider from them for every hookup, since it doesn't fit in their mouths very easily. However, the larger flies keeps the smaller ones from getting hooked. Last trip I did for cutthroat up "jackhole crik," I didn't find hardly any cutthroat (brought one nice 10"er to hand, and a couaple of 7"ers), but I hit the chub run (guaranteed Peamouth action) and caught some nice 12"ers and one fat one about 13" that put up a decent struggle. Better than no action at all!
    After that kind of slumming, I don't feel the need to go target any LMB.
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  6. I love 'em. I can see you do too.
  7. I have had a lot of fun with them this year, its a fishery I had forgotten as i pursued saltwater and trout over the last year or two.

    Next year though my goal is going to be to relearn the lake washington bass fishery!
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