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A Steelhead has tried to eat my Strike Indicator before

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  1. RE: Poll Question

    Curious how many have had this happen. It has happened to me and I think I have heard others chat about it as well.
  2. Fishing the Yakima last year my buddy had his bobber inhaled twice. He didn't see it the first time but on the next pass the steelhead took it again.
  3. Yes, several times.

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  4. Absolutely. Like 3 weeks ago on the Hoh.
  5. I've had them eat fly fishing indicators before.

    A few months ago, I also had one try to eat one of these while I was running it on a centerpin:
  6. I had one try to eat mine on Sunday, as well as lots of other times.
  7. That's cuz fish like candy corn
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  8. Never.

    Go Sox,
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  9. Interesting. My first time was today @ lunch. I fish sometimes in the narrow window of my noon lunch hour. The fish nosed up and mouthed it, I reflexively started to set the hook and stopped short. Nose immediately popped up and it tried to eat it again. Made me thing maybe I should use a skater/dropper setup instead of my bobber.
  10. Thingamagamakatsu?
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  11. Never tried an indicator but thanks for the ideas on a few new skating/waking patterns. Seems bulk might be an advantage?

  12. it was a 1" thigamabobber, orange. And it was dead drifted. Gotta be new fuel for steelhead dries in there somewhere. Round Air BC?
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  13. I read a story about how the ska-opper was created. Essentially some gear guy was getting takes on his float when reeling it in and the guy who saw it went home and tied some skater-popper pattern with a big orange butt. The article said he was targeting winter fish and I think it was in BC
  14. I never go fishing without some skating flies in the winter. It's not every year I get one on a skater in the winter but I want to be prepared. If I see a fish rise I switch to a floating line and skate a fly where I seen the rise.

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  15. a yarnie on top and a yarnie on bottom, now we just need the emerger stage
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  16. pink worm or wiggle wart dropper
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  17. Nothing makes me feel lamer than when a steelhead eats my bobber. It's those aggressive ones I'm hunting for with the swing and the dry fly so when they eat my bobber I feel like they are trying to remind me of something. That said I've had really good luck on the next cast by stopping my nymph rig short and swinging my rig right through the lie.
  18. nevermind... outa here
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  19. shouldnt matter to you as old steelhead are worthless, even if they rise to dry flies, and are unethical to target :)
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  20. many stories over the years of fish coming up for cigarette butts floating by and other such stuff.
    the one i wont forget is when a friend dropped his corkie box on the rocks and all the corkies went right into the river. and seconds later there were 2-3 good rises from some summer steelhead just a few feet away.
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