Skunked on Pass Lake, I do suck!

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Matt Smith, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. Well I suck, I got skunked today on Pass. I really don't mind getting skunked when the lake is slow, but it was jumpin. I tried lots of different chiros, lots of different depths and nothin. Sean B was there along with Morrison 205, Yard and a few other I can't remember thier names. They all landed multiple fish. The crazy part of the day was some kid anchored close to us and was slayin the shit out of them. Every cast was another fish to hand. Crazyness!

    Here's to next time and better fishing. :beer2:

    Pics are of Sean B and Morrison 205 catching fish, I don't know what that is like.
  2. nice meeting and fishin with you matt! i just had beginners luck on those chiros dude, but im definetly going to take seans advice on riggin up cuz we very similar flys but he did much better than i.
    R A I N B O W ! ! ! haha
  3. Damn, sorry I missed out gents. I was at home having a ball getting the garden ready. All the rest of the day's work was for some surprised little girls in the morning. I better get some rest for all that, they will be up early for sure.
  4. I was skunked there today also.:clown:

    morrison 205, glad too see you got into your car. I guess it is safe from people trying to steal it using a stick, the antana, and an oar.:rolleyes::D
  5. Oh yeah, I forgot. The whole trip was an EPIC adventure!!!!!!:D
  6. Was Calderon with you guys? Was he giving the new pontoon a maiden voyage? Hope you all had some fun, looks like some of you did well.

  7. yeah guys dont forget to grab your keys out of the back seat after throwing your waders on. but even with that hitch still turned out to be a fun day got pretty buzzed and caught some fish so i cant complain really and statefarm will reimburse me for emergency assistence:thumb:
  8. Change that stupid Avatar. You have got the Old Man jinx on you now and you will never catch anymore fish with that on you. You will have to wash your waders and change avatar to get it off.

    If you don't believe me ask afew people on here that really know me.

    I also believe that it is on mumbles also. You both will have to forget that you ever met me.

  9. i didnt see/meet him. he might have been out though, i guess there were a bunch more guys on the lake from but i guess they were too shy to come drink beer, laugh, and play the game.
  10. I was waiting in my pontoon boat at the Edmonds ferry terminal waiting for my ride. Sadly Matt Smith left me there for about four hours then I carted my craft back on the ferry for the return voyage. I'm glad it was not raining and that my seat is comfortable. Maybe there is something to this Very Grouchy Old Man Jim jinx? I still don't believe in such nonsense, his jinx, bananas and whistling, but maybe I'm terribly wrong.
  11. Shit, I knew I forgot something! Sorry mumbles, I must have been drunk on Peeps and hard boiled eggs or something. I call for a Skunk Off! You name the lake and I will be there. You had a crap day on Cady, I had a crap day on Pass. Next saturday sound good?
  12. El Heffe' is not a shy one, and would have been hanging around with Sean B. I think he said he was going to Lenice then changed his mind and went to Pass instead. I think he has a skunk on too. I was wondering if he was able to actually hook, and bring a trout to hand. He too was messing with OMJ.... there is some powerful shit in that Montana Shaman. As far as I am concerned there are several things you must never do, piss into the wind, mix your liquor, fart when you have diarrhea, and you must never mess with OMJ. All of the above will lead to some sort of hex that will throw off your fishing game. :hmmm:
  13. Hey Mike, I still have five out of the six flies you tied up for me. Since it is still cooler out I am playing around with nymphs. But the weather is starting to turn to the nice side and I'm seeing more bugs out I will have to give those flies a shot.

    I looked at the ten day forecast and there are a few days into the 60's. The 60's here are like the high 70's in Washington. :ray1:

  14. Cool hangin with you guys on the lake yesterday. I ended up fishing from 2:30 - 1AM and didn't land a fish until 9pm. After the wind died down, it was good fishing. About every fourth cast was gettin a grab. Ended up with 14 fish, only two browns though.
  15. good deal glad you did well. i would have stayed but i had been there since 6am and i was ready for a big meal and a nap. hope to do some more fishing with you guys thats for sure.

  16. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  17. Old Man Jinx, I don't believe it. I was a shitty fisher before I ever met that old cranky bastard. :thumb:
  18. Yeah Mike, I was out there. I was with my buddy nick in a blue raft. Yelled out for sean and said hello. We moved around to several spots and i landed 6 or 7 fish on chironomids.

    Never got into a real "rythym" but i did drink a few copper hooks and put half dozen or so in the boat.
  19. yeah that was good times guys. im still surprised i managed to continue catching fish. i was casting with one eye closed in order to maintain.

    jesse was out there but he was far too cool for us and him and hollywood fished the far end without cracking a single beer with us. punk bia is what jesse is.

    lets do it again. hit me up whenever you are headed out. im always down. :beer1:
  20. i caught at least 15 pheygitt.

    one for each beer :beer2:

    you should have kicked it you are dead to me for at least a month.

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