Skwala Time!!!

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Connor H, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Skwala Time Swap!!!

    Lets heat up the vises for the new year guys!!! Skwala swap, 10 people, due date is february 20th... Any questions? O yeah, nymphs or dries, but lets be honest, dries are WAY more fun to fish with!!!

    Me- Brett's Skwala-In
    Jergens- Cherynobyl's
    Burci- TBD-In
    Tyinbugs- TBD-In
    Kim Ferris- Nymphs-In
    Sharpshooter223- Foamie dry
    Dryflylarry- dry fly something-In
    Dick Ross- something really intense!-In
  2. i'll throw down some chernobyls.
  3. i'm in. fly-tbd, but it'll be stellar
  4. Hey guys, If this doesn't pick up I might try this later. I don't think a swap with 3 people would work unless we each tied up like 4 or 5 patterns!!!
  5. any room left in this bad boy or she full?
  6. HA your in dude!
  7. i guess ill get in. dont know what to tie though
  8. was just getting inspired to tie a few skwala nymphs - so i could tie a few more.

  9. I'm in fo sheezy...I need to get some skwalas tied up of my favorite hatches fo sho in the missoula area! i have a bunch of patterns that work pretty good but i don't know which i'ma tie up yet.
  10. hmm, ive been pondering it and i guess ill hop in on this swap. ill be tying a foam dry
  11. I'll join in if you'll have me. I suppose I have to come up with a dryfly.... :)
  12. I am in for sure! Some big ugly egg sacking olivy-brown dry fly creation.
  13. eh nevermind dont wanna tie anything now count me out
  14. How come Zach? I was lookin' forward to it! How you been doin' lately?
  15. i dont know what to tie and im running out of materials. if someone can give me a pattern i may still participate
  16. so are we just going to call it at 8 people?
  17. If no one is in by tomorrow at 5, It's 8...
  18. so we lookin at 8 due by feb. 20 or wat?
  19. If the others are into it, and we only have 8, what about a nymph and dry from each swapper?
  20. this works for me. i was getting ready to do the nymphs this weekend, and could come with the dries at the same time.

    will post a pic or two this weekend when they start getting done.


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