Skwala Time!!!

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Connor H, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Yeah, That's normally the case. These must have got screwed up in processing! It came sealed in a plastic bag with the "severe condolences" of the postal service, and the envelope was almost completely shredded!
  2. what the heck are they doing there in the post office, the box and the flies are ok though right?
  3. Everything is O.K.! I got the flies in the mail and went HOLY SHIT!!! The flies made it through just fine but the envelope was DESTROYED!!!
  4. Ah.....the fly swap was over on February 20th....... why is this taking so long to get some of those little treasures in the mail?

    Grumpy Old Fart....dryflylarry :p
  5. Half of them are out as of friday. The others are out at lunch time tomorrow!
  6. seems like the flies are in the mail, or soon to be. wanted to add a note for everyone on my dry fly. The pattern is a variation of the Bird’s stonefly. I did not have the bucktail that the pattern called for, so I substituted with deer hair. The pattern also calls for the forward hackle to be clipped both top and bottom. Everyone has their own way of clipping, so I left that for fly swap members to apply the finishing touches. i would just clip the bottom.

  7. Kim, your flies are great and are O.K. to be fished just like that! I really think this turned out to be a great swap and WE should all be proud of ourselves!
  8. Got mine yesterday. They look great! Thanks all and good luck when the skwala's start poppin'.
  9. now that you have them all you should take pictures for the gallery, you still need to take pictures for the winter trout swap too.
  10. Hey connor when are we gonna get those skwalas...the reason i was a part of this swap was so i could try out some different patterns...i like to fish skwala patterns during the skwala hatch, which is going on now here! wtf?
  11. has anybody besides Dick Ross received theirs yet?
  12. not here.
  13. Hell no. 30 days since the end of the swap. What gives there Conner? Get your shit together will ya?!!!!!
  14. Somebody else must have recieved their flies besides me!
  15. i think in the winter trout swap i was the first to recieve flies and then it took a while after that for others to recieve theirs. Connor, you still need to take pictures of the flies and of the flies for the winter trout swap too.
  16. 34 days since the end of the fly swap sponsored by Conner H.

  17. if there were pictures up i could at least see what i will be getting.
  18. OK. this is getting a little dull here. as far as i can tell, most of us are still fly-less; however, i am willing to post the recipes and a couple of pictures - but i need help for the pictures. the last set i tried to take with my digital camera came out so fuzzy they were useless. what do i need to do to get decent pictures to post - besides getting a clue.

  19. You guys are making me feel bad about gettin mine.
  20. 37 days past the Due Date?? Am I correct? Has anyone tried to contact Conner? Has anyone received anything? Obviously Conner, you must take a lot of drugs? Can we help you with anything? Seriously? :hmmm:

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