Skwala Time!!!

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Connor H, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. i tried a couple of ways. we were going to do an additional swap of a couple of flies besides the ones in our swap, so there were a few PMs exchanged. sent my original group of flies, then about a week later the added ones. since then there has been silence. tried the email address associated with our site yesterday, and did a little google search. besides the address, he has a myspace acct which he last logged onto 3/19. people are leaving messages for him there. did not find a phone number doing a quick white pages search. so he is a bit out of touch. so far nothing. i did not try to push him or anything in the email, just asked him to get back to us even if it meant that there was no news. did not try the myspace email.

  2. I dont know what is up with the bugs, but i might be meeting up with him tomorrow, if he has them i will get them and ship them out appropriately, ill let you guys know something tomorrow eveining.

  3. thanks, joe. it's a little concerning when someone just suddenly falls off the earth. hopefully everything's ok with him.

  4. i know he's physically ok, i had pre arranged to pick my flies up in person because i live relatively near him so i havent checked this thread in forever. but after reading this thread and seeing how long he's taken to get you guys your flies, i might have to bust a knee cap or two! j/k
  5. I went by Connor's and picked up all of the flies, so i have bugs with addresses for DryFlyLarry, Kim Ferris, and TyinBugs. There is also one plano box with an envelope that i cannot make out an address on, are these yours sharp shooter? whoever sent in the plano box pm me your address and ill send them out. Does this cover everybody? i will ship the flies out this upcoming week, and will let you guys know when they ship.
  6. Connor, what was going on, you had said that the other half of the flies would be out at "lunch time" on the 10th.
  7. Thanks for helping out Jergens! Tommorow marks 40 days past the deadline.. :D
  8. Larry, SharpShooter, TyinBugs, yours shipped out today, Kim, your's go out tomorrow.
  9. Got them! Very nice. Thank you pals. :thumb:
  10. got them too
  11. Not Skwala time yet. did they go out as you thought? ups or usps?

  12. The Skwala hostage situation is over. Flies arrived today! and look great.

  13. Finally! has anyone caught a fish on one of these flies yet?
  14. still nuttin!!!

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