Skykomish Report 6/5

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by CLO, Jun 6, 2014.

  1. Right now, just the front seat of Matt's scadden. I'm saving for a boat of my own.
  2. k pm incoming
  3. tried crossing at gold bar one year. my timing was all bad, as at the time there was a county sheriff and 2 railroad guys inspecting the area. i got ran out quick and told not to cross again.
    too bad. there is some nice water across from town.
  4. no there isnt it sucks
  5. The only good runs right now are below sultan, you need a boat though.

  6. I only listen to your advise on this forum.
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  7. Thanks.
  8. Found a black shell jacket on the bank. Anybody missing some clothes? Oddly enough, it didn't have a steelhead attached...even though it's black.
  9. Nope just missing some black sunglasses up there.
  10. If you find one with a black leech in his mouth ill take it back ;)
  11. Where should I start looking?
  12. in it's mouth would be a good starting place!!!
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  13. GPS cords or gtfo
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  14. Below ben Howard boat launch ;) I actually landed the same fish I lost my fly to last time. Guess what it was?!About a 26" bull trout. Absolutely amazing fish. The reason I know it was the same fish is it did and fought exactly the same way, it was holding in the exact spot as last time and I remember thinking that when I hooked him the first time I saw lots of spots and I thought that it may have been a small king at first. Anyhow I will take a big bull over a steelhead any day just for the simple fact that there is not too many around (esp. the sky) and plus the anadromous fish are beautiful.

  15. Probably the same fish because there are only 4 fish in the sky right now.
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  16. Not true....three, I saw one caught and kept by spinners in a boat yesterday.
  17. I floated the upper float yesterday and hit all my honey holes. We got 2 big bulls right off the bat. No signs of any steelhats, though.
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  18. You caught 2 of the last 3 fish. That's pretty good.

    Anyone have an idea where the location of that last fish is?
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  19. Reiter!!!

  20. Not Reiter. Though the Reiter area has overlooked gems if one puts their time in. Hint: not Cable Hole or hatchery area.

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