Skykomish Report 6/5

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by CLO, Jun 6, 2014.

  1. Gems? I think you mean crystals in the meth form.
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  2. Exactly
  3. shrimp or roe?

  4. No roe or shrimp. Not sure if you're trying to be funny again or if you're really asking me. So I'll assume the latter. My program is: Swung black leaches on a type 6 sink tip. Swung 50/50 spoons. Very dirty and I'm an awful person with no morals and use a float and jig. I was simply trying to say don't overlook good fly water around the Reiter area. Buckets that can be reached even with a single hander. Cheers!
  5. im always funny, and dont worry i get just as dirty. 300 yards drift dirty
  6. Nice. Centerpin?
  7. yes using a fly rod too. pinning is fun as hell
  8. Evan Burck is tempting me to the world of pinning. Sounds really fun. Deadly with a bead or dare I say glob 'o eggs. New summer hobby.
  9. i bought my first pin off evan, i felt like a tard the first 5 times i used one but it is deadly effective. i cant remember the last time i swung up 4 fish in one day

  10. Did you feel like a gay tard?

    By the way, sorry I got all uppity a couple weeks ago.
  11. not a gay tard.

    no worries i dont take to much offense to online stuff. I work hard to maintain my doosh bag bravado
  12. I'm gonna go centerpin beads through Reiter tomorrow.
  13. no yarnie on top?
  14. Get a room you three.
  15. Zero skagitude in this thread... Let me help

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  16. I only said what would be included. I didn't recall saying what would NOT be included.
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  17. im dying matt, that was my first time watching it after hearing dans re enactment
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  18. Never thought of spey casting being so epic like that.....The music draws you in then bang...the loud narrator's voice reminiscent of an Oxi-clean TV pitchman! 75 yards...that is a haul!
  19. What size /color bead will you be use ing ? My go to swung pink rubber worm isn't working this year.
  20. Fixed.
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